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  • marsavian marsavian Dec 11, 2011 6:00 PM Flag

    Intel pump part 2.

    "The fabrication war is over. ARM has lost. We're just waiting for it to play out."

    Intel has never been in a fabrication war with ARM, only AMD which it has clearly won against it.
    You need designs with similar performance/die size for fabrication differences to be important and that just isn't true with x86 vs ARM as ARM's performance/die size is far superior to x86.

    "ARM is just starting construction on 20nm. Intel will be building a 10nm fab before ARM has 20nm production in volume. ARM's fabrication comes to a complete stop at 14nm. They will be pausing there for years. Years."

    Intel will be similarly stopping at 7nm and ARM can quite easily live with being made on double the process size considering their cores are under half the size of x86.

    "ARMs progress in the meantime is too little, too late..."

    Incorrect, Intel's progress micro-architecturally has been too little, too late. At 32nm not only will ARM maintain its performance/power/die size lead but it will actually beat Atom in total delivered performance for the first time. This 'fabrication war' you keep invoking is a complete total strawman red herring !

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