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  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Dec 17, 2011 1:24 PM Flag

    No ARM and INTEL will NOT both win.

    Oh why oh why can't we all get along you say? You sound a little slow when it comes to your Business IQ!

    AMD and Intel were in a big area and I suppose there were people like you saying that they can both make a lot of money but they were stupidly naive and wrong. Intel ripped apart AMD by taking the high end most profitable areas and leaving AMD to bottom feed on low profit areas.

    The next fight that Intel is about to enter will be with a new competitor, ARM. But ARM is similar in its propaganda it spews to the media. First it says it is superior this and that. Then it says it is a virtual gorilla because it has all the companies that make and use ARM based chips on its side. AMD used to say the same trash.
    But in the end, those companies simply went with the better chips and left AMD dead on the side of the road.

    So now ARM's CEO is talking big and threatening Intel. Lots of investment houses bet on AMD and against Intel in the last two years. They must have thought the boys and girls at Intel had become like our nation, fat and weak. BUT INTEL is neither fat nor weak is it AMD.

    So you will be posting your nonsense about how there is plenty of money for all to make huge money in the phone chip area and you would be right if not for the fact that one hardware will win here as it always does.

    ARM based chips have battery life and poor performance. When it increases performance, its power usage is no better than Intel's and in fact, Intel will soon be far ahead with high performance phone chips in terms of power savings.

    The road of pain for you ARM fanboys will not last nearly as long as it did for the former AMD fanboys. Intel will quickly rip into ARM and devastate it.
    You see, ARM chips suck. Intel will be used by all the major phone makers including Apple in two years or less. In fact, Samsung, the world's second biggest phone maker, will use Intel in just a couple of months now. You never have heard of Android from Google? Well it has optimized for the coming Intel chips.

    ARM was trading with a PE in the 50s and in 6 months or less, it will be lucky to be trading in the 20s. The best play for you ARM fanboys is to sell and go short ARMH.

    It is your money.
    Good luck but Intel is going to kill ARM.

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