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  • impulse9266 impulse9266 Jan 16, 2012 10:12 PM Flag

    AMD has HD 7970 where is Intel's Larabee I mean Luaghabee?

    AMD had the World's most powerful GPU and the World's Most Powerful computer chip at 3.5 Teraflops of computational power.

    So, where is Intel's I mean CRAPTEL's Laughabee? Care to explain that intel LOSERS?

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    • This has to be one of the worst posts on this board in months! This guy has a lot of his facts wrong but defends them like they are true. Weak, weak, weak arguments.

      Downright insulting to the folks on this board. Listen, debate it all you want, but in the big picture AMD lost. Even with the billions of ARAB money they still can't keep it together.

      ATI is going to be a great asset for Intel if it ever comes up on an AMD fire sale yard sale. That day is coming.

      I don't care if Intel bribed everybody who held a government office, and sent whores to the heads of the justice department. Intel won, AMD lost, get used to it!

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      • "This has to be one of the worst posts on this board in months! This guy has a lot of his facts wrong but defends them like they are true. Weak, weak, weak arguments."

        LMAO. Worst post? You still haven't answered the question. Where is Larabee?

        It takes intel 7 years and stil can't produce a proper GPU? What a JOKE.

        And AMD fire yard sale? LMAO. Keep dreaming.

    • Yes Fk face I care to explain, that AMD doesn't really have the chip you're referring to because it is not being produced.

    • >>>> AMD’s gpu’s can be used for bitmining

      Oh my freaking lord, this guy is talking about bitmining!!! LMFAO!!!!! This was a pseudo currency made up by a bunch of people from around the world. What they decided to do was release the currency a little at a time. They gave some complex math problems and people had to use computers to solve the problems. That's a very simplistic explanation, I know it's more complex, but that's the gist of what went down.

      People found that a certain ATI Videocard was very fast at solving the problems. If you go on Youtube you can find guys who had built these machines with 4 graphics cards. They got up to 100 degrees Celsius.

      The entire Bitcoin fiasco was about technically lame as the occupy Wallstreet protesters. Say what you want about world currency, it's survived longer than a year.

      Bitcoins are now just about worthless. The scam is over. The only thing sadder than someone spending $150 a month for electricity on a $1500 computer to mine for now nearly worthless coins is a guy who comes to an Intel chat board to talk about it like it's a strength of AMD and ATI. It's about as worthless as talking about who made the best 8 track tape players.

    • Courtesy bump.

    • “Son, I know that video games are exciting and you have built yourself a decent little video game rig with not a lot of money. Congratulations. “
      Wrong. AMD’s gpu’s can be used for bitmining AND decoding HD content at much faster rate than intel can only dream of.

      “Intel isn't in the graphics card market.”
      Yeah because they SUCKED so bad. They got their behind’s kicked by AMD and nVidia and had to run back to their MOMMY CRYING. LOL.

      “When built in graphics of a Sandy Bridge is good for most people except the hard core gamers. As Intel works with the 3rd party graphics people these built in graphics will get better. This means that the $150 and under graphics card segment of the business will go away. What happens when demand goes away? Yes, right, supply goes up and prices go down. “
      Wrong intel will never be able to match the power of GPU’s in the $150 market segment. AMD’s HD 6850 and HD 6770 BLOWS away anything that intel’s top of the line CPU and GPU has.

      “All the money AMD brings in during one year Intel makes in a couple of weeks.”
      How much of the “money” came from bribes and threats that intel handed out to PC makers to use intel’s chips.

      “The graphics cards you love so much aren't being pushed along by innovation as much as the improved manufacturing process brought about by tons of money spend on smartphones. These GPU's are made in the same foundries as ARM processors. If it wasn't for ARM you would still be in the 4 series of ATI GPUs.”
      Wrong again these foundries has exists long before ARM and smartphone came into existence. Were they around when ATI released there Radeon 9700 Pro in 2002? Didn’t think so. So, do your research.

    • Agree, AMD has superior GPU.
      Waiting for CC after market close.

    • GPU was never Intel's strong suit, but then again Intel don't need to produce good GPU themselves. They let NVidia does it for them. And NVidia has been doing a great job, beat AMD almost all of the time. Just wait, NVidia is coming out with another card that will beat 7970.

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      • "And NVidia has been doing a great job, beat AMD almost all of the time."

        LOL..more Delusions. HD 7970 runs CIRCLES around nVidia's top end single GPU the GTX 580.

        "NVidia is coming out with another card that will beat 7970."

        What are you psychic or delusional I am guessing both. And when will that happen.

        "They let NVidia does it for them."

        So you are saying intel owns nVidia. What a JOKE. They are TWO different companies. LMAO.

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