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  • kored35 kored35 Jan 17, 2012 11:13 AM Flag

    PC sales Go Negative for First time !!

    see post on HPQ board for the full details !
    MAC posted huge increases !

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    • Intel CPU in Macs you idiot.

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      • ucker rally..
        Apparently some politicians or hedge fund managers must have been tipped off that msft is going to miss it;s numbers..
        Apparenently insider tradign rules don't apply to politicians and the well connected...
        IBM is in the same boat it has been going lower and lower and lower opening up 2 bucks then selling off at the end
        will you be snookered ?
        Well you know PC sales are negative and intel & msft all get AT least 90% of their revenues from pc's...
        This os going to be interesting indeed as somethign has to give
        Intel is 25.27 I will reference this post when msft reports ibm reports and intel reports lets see where you are after that lol !

    • Kored, you said ORCL would not hold 25 after earnings and Intel was dead in the water at 19.

      Please explain.

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      • Were you snookered ?

        YOWSA !!!!!!!!!!!!!
        90% of intel is PC's !!!

        U.S. Windows PC shipments drop 6% in holiday quarter as Apple Macs surge 21%
        Wednesday, January 11, 2012 · 5:39 pm · 18 Comments

        After two quarters of positive growth, worldwide PC shipments totaled 92.2 million units in the fourth quarter of 2011, a 1.4 percent decline from the fourth quarter of 2010, according to preliminary results by Gartner, Inc. These figures were in line with Gartner’s earlier forecast of a 1 percent decline for the fourth quarter of 2011.
        “Continuously low consumer PC demand resulted in weak holiday PC shipments,” said Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst at Gartner. “While economic uncertainty in Western Europe had an effect on consumer PC shipments, expectations of a healthier economic outlook in North America could not stimulate consumer PC demand in that region. The healthy professional PC market as well as growth in emerging markets could not compensate for the weaknesses in mature markets, with overall growth still negative.”

        “Ultrabooks were quietly introduced into the market during the 4Q11 holiday season,” Ms. Kitagawa said. “Ultrabooks didn’t seem to draw consumers’ attention. Consumers had very little understanding and awareness of ultrabooks, and only a small group of consumers was willing to pay the price premium for such models. However, as has been seen this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) show, 2012 is a big debut stage for ultrabooks.”

        HP retained its No. 1 position in the fourth quarter of 2011, despite a shipment decline of 16.2 percent year over year (see Table 1). While the company’s new CEO, Meg Whitman, cleared up some confusion surrounding its PC business, its 4Q11 results were affected by the noise around this issue. HP also had to battle against aggressive pricing from competitors and deal with weak consumer PC demand in the holiday season.

        Table 1: Preliminary Worldwide PC Vendor Unit Shipment Estimates for 4Q11 (Units)

        Note: Data includes desk-based PCs, mobile PCs, including mini-notebooks but not media tablets such as the iPad.
        Source: Gartner (January 2012)

        Lenovo experienced the strongest growth among the top five vendors, as its PC shipments grew 23 percent in the fourth quarter of 2011, and it further cemented its place as the No. 2 vendor in global PC shipments. The company’s growth was attributed to its aggressive pricing in both the professional and consumer markets.

        Dell had a good quarter with shipment growth in most regions. While the consumer market remained a weak point, Dell enjoyed stable growth in the professional sector, driven by upgrades to Windows 7. Asia/Pacific continued to be the major growth market for Dell, as it achieved 30 percent growth in the region. Asus stayed in the No. 5 position despite generally weak consumer sales. Asus’s shift from mini-notebooks to regular notebooks was successful, as close to 80 percent of Asus mobile PCs shipments were regular notebooks in the fourth quarter of 2011.

        In the U.S., PC shipments totaled 17.9 million units, a 5.9 percent decline compared with the same quarter last year (see Table 2). U.S. holiday sales were not all that exciting for PC vendors. As expected, consumers’ attention was diverted toward other product categories, especially smartphones and media tablets. All-in-one (AIO) desktop PCs drew consumers’ attention during the holiday season. The main attractions were large screen sizes and high-definition viewing capability.

        HP maintained the No. 1 position in the U.S. PC market in the fourth quarter of 2011, but Dell gained ground as HP lost substantial market share in the quarter. Apple enjoyed the strongest growth among the top five vendors. Lenovo’s U.S. PC shipments grew 40 percent year-over-year, but its shipment volume was not enough to squeeze into the top five ranking (it was in the sixth position).

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