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    • "Last week, I reached out to my industry contacts en masse and heard consistently that Ivy Bridge had some short delays and that where OEMs needed it, namely for next generation Ultrabooks, would be fine for hitting the back to school selling season. To hit a back to school selling season comfortably, PC OEMs need system channel fill by July and according to my contacts, this will be just fine. Even if there were timing issues which I don’t think is the case, OEMs and retailers have levers to pull like air shipment and direct retailer shipment to remove weeks of time.

      I reached out to Intel this morning and received the same feedback. Jon Carvill, at Intel Media Relations, reiterated via email that the reports of an eight week delay were inaccurate and that the schedule had only been impacted a few weeks. He went on to say that they were on track with their launch guidance to be in-market for spring and they expected to ship 50% more units of Ivy Bridge in the first two quarter of production as compared to Sandy Bridge parts.

      So Intel and my industry ecosystem contacts are aligned here. Ivy Bridge systems will hit the back to school selling season. Now please calm down and move along."

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