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  • hkk2khk hkk2khk Feb 29, 2012 8:03 PM Flag

    quote from the AMD boards :)

    "This kind of reminds me of when Knuckle head Hector purchased ATI, when anyone paying attention realized that more then 50% of ATI revenues where based upon being a second source for Intel chipsets. A short time later Intel and all that revenue went Bye Bye. Now we have AMD and Mr Read purchasing Seamicro another company that is 100% dependent upon Intel. LOL

    Other then that as in the movie the Mouse that Roared, AMD is apparently going to step forward and declare war upon OEMs, even though OEMs make up the bulk of AMD's entire revenue stream. There is no problem with that since there have been a slew of component makers such as Asus going into the OEM business but why would AMD that is so dependent upon OEMs to purchases their CPUs, Chipsets and GPUs suddenly going to rock that boat.

    All I can think of is SeaMicro most have a bus connection AMD must have to stop its bleeding in the server market.

    If not I would say this is the stupidest thing AMD has ever done since what stops Intel the present Seamicro platform provider from just taking its ball and going home. Then say 6 months previous to AMD launching a Seamicro server, Intel with all the knowledge of Seamicro suddenly launches a Medfield box that destroys AMD as far as power use. "

    >suddenly launches a Medfield box that destroys AMD as far as power use.

    hahahaha. this is so amazing. one month ago everyone and his dog on this INTC board would make claims "INTC has no mobile strategy, no phones, the Atom will never be low power, dont you understand the laws of physics?, Krait will eat your lunch , etc etc "

    Bunch of BS. Now, what a change ! Even on the other side they talk of Medfield like it is a plutonium bomb :):):)

    Wow, they should name these boards the 180 degree turn boards... So many masters of computer science around here...

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