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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Mar 19, 2012 3:10 PM Flag

    TSMC News

    TSMC is crowing about the rising demand for 28nm production while continuing to avoid comment on problems with their ability to meet 28nm demands.

    Nero fiddles while Rome continues to burn.

    Have you noticed how there is almost no news or commentary from TSMC about 20nm production? Months back they commented on 20nm almost every time they commented on 28nm production. Now they comment on neither.

    But, hey - demand is good. That's all you need to know.

    Dunno if demand is good but for sure demand is outstripping supply...

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    • Chang indicates TSM is planning to raise CAPEX from $6b US to $7b US. That is about 17%. Credit Suisse is also raising the target TSM price by 16% too.

      The analysts beat Intel up for spending big on Capex.

      TSMC to boost capital expenditure to cope with demand

    • I have never said anything posted here has an affect on the stock price. I have posted the same more than once.

    • There is demand for TSMC's 28nm products only because Intel is close to 22nm and others feel urgency to catch up. It is meaningless if TSMC doesn't have capacity to meet the demand.

    • Production is fine

      It is always a cat and mouse game. Who can get the most out of the brand new 28nm production process?

      AMD started making its 28nm chips late last year, started selling them early this year and it has roughly a one-quarter lead over Nvidia.

      Nvidia is launching 28nm Kepler GTX 680 this week and we are hearing that Nvidia is pleased with its yields. Of course, Nvidia would like to have even more wafers, but TSMC cannot churn out enough of them, as it also has to service other 28nm customers.

      Kepler is currently shipping to many OEMs and AIBs (Add in board partners) and traditionally AIBs were never happy with the volume of new graphics cards that they are getting.

      Since Kepler performs quite well, Nvidia and its partners expect strong sales and they believe they can quickly sell all the cards that they manage can get in.

      However, it seems TSMC’s transition issues are getting serious. Shifting from a manufacturing process to a new, smaller one, e.g. 40nm to 28nm is becoming increasingly problematic, we witnessed this trend in previous transitions and it now seems to be getting worse. You can expect that going to 20nm is not going to be walk in a park either.

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