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  • intelphonechips intelphonechips Mar 29, 2012 1:43 PM Flag

    This is WHY citizen patrol is stupid

    You go up to someone with a gun in your hand and you are not a cop, of course the guy thinks you are attacking him.

    Get out your law mind.

    The law in Florida says you have a right to use guns to defend yourself.
    The Problem for the defense Lawyer for Zimmerman is that he was the one going after the black teen. maybe the teen was scum. maybe he was up to good. But in the end--the Judge will tell the jury to disregard all that and to look simply at the law.

    If Zimmerman was following the kid with a gun in hand, does not the same law give the kid the right to attack to defend himself? Phucked up situation.
    Zimmerman was an idiot to do what he did.
    He caused this wreck and manslaughter is the likely end to this. if the jury does not believe that the kid attacked Zimmerman or even if they do--but the idiot had a gun pulled out on the kid--the kid was simply defending himself.

    Murder 2 or murder 1 possible here.
    Police chief fired.
    The law needs to be removed.
    We do not need idiots walking down the streets acting like they are cops when they are in fact just a thug pretending they matter.

    If that idiot pulled a gun and pointed it at you--you too might have attacked him. The law of defending yourself goes on the side of the person being attacked and here it seems to be Zimmerman who was going after a person with a gun in his hand.

    I know Zimmerman will say he was never going to use the gun but he had no right to pull that gun and thus the law will come down hard on him.

    Forget the race--picture two white men if that makes this easier for you. One pulls a gun on the other--the one without the gun attacks to defend himself. Who is guilty here?

    YES--the guy who pulled the gun and the other guy is simply defending himself. We cannot expect him to guess that the guy with the gun will not harm him can we.

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