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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Mar 29, 2012 9:47 PM Flag

    "funny to see long-time Apple supporters not being satisfied"

    The new iPad slower when reading magazines

    than iPad 2, much to our surprise

    During our brief encounter with the new iPad we were surprised to see how poorly the new toy handles Newsstand and reading magazines.

    The new iPad has some four times more pixels than the iPad 2 and there is a noticeable lag of close to 3 seconds to load a magazine page on the iPad 3. The same magazine page on iPad 2 or Transformer Prime Android tablet loads within a second.

    The CPU is to blame, as the A5X still features the exact same CPU cores used on the iPad 2. The upgraded GPU doesn’t seem to speed up magazine reading that much. It is funny to see long-time Apple supporters not being satisfied with their new toy, this is the first time we have seen this much moaning in five years or so.

    It is quite clear that you need more processing power for the new display and either a higher clock or more cores might speed up the task. People who are jumping from the original iPad to the new iPad will think how great life is and how faster it is, but iPad 2 owners won’t be that happy.

    Don’t even get us started that in DACH, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the new iPad is still advertised as a 4G device despite the fact that 4G networks in none of these countries are supported.

    [Gee, how many times have we heard that ARM processing power is "good enuff". Not this time. Just more proof that ARM fabrication had descended into serious crisis mode. Better get an Intel processor if you want to get rid of that lag...]

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    • I just bought a new iPad for my wife. Big memory and all the bells and whistles....$1000. I used it for a day to see whether I would want one. I thought it was really slow loading just normal web pages. It would drive me crazy for researching stocks.
      then I tried to load the streamer on Scottrade. Wouldn't run it. Apparently the streamer needs Java, I'm sure the iPad will run Java but I couldn't figure how to load it and the iPad wasn't helpful. Not intuitive at all.
      I would do a Macbook Air before I would buy an iPad. I am curious to see the Ultrabooks with the Ivy Bridge CPU. At this point I guess I don't see the point in getting an iPad.
      I suspect the glow will come off the iPad and the world will discover that the PC is not dead after all.

    • Apple verarscht die deutschen Kunden nach Strich und Faden und das sieht so aus:

      verarschen : to screw somebody over... but Apple added a "disclaimer"

      Natuerlich hat Apple eine kleine rechtliche Versicherung in dieses Marketing-Blah Blah eingebaut, denn der Satz:

      “Das neue iPad unterstützt schnelle Datennetze auf der ganzen Welt – bis zu 4G LTE.”

    • ltisteve Mar 29, 2012 10:47 PM Flag

      Haven't we as Intel investors had this iPad waved in our face for the last few years? We were told that it does everything it needs to do and that the PC is dead? Yes, it was good enough! And though Intel never made more money than it has in the last few years we had an endless stream of doomsday predictions of the untimely death of Intel from those much younger, much hipper and much wiser than us.

      And now, the centerpiece of the revolution, the iPad is weighed down by mediocrity. It's upgrades are insignificant, its 4G claims challenged, and not even the Chinese are excited about buying it on the black market. It's thicker, heavier, runs hot and now loads magazines slower than the previous version.

      Unless all the residents of India secretly bought one of these things I wouldn't hope to see Apple break $1000 anytime soon.

    • > It is quite clear that you need more processing power for the new display
      > and either a higher clock or more cores might speed up the task.

      Though the article mentions this, I would like to see some confirmation that it is indeed due to the SoC...and not a communication network bottleneck.

      If it is due to the low-performing SoC, Intel is more than half-way in winning the battle with ARM!

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