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  • will_amd_yu will_amd_yu Mar 31, 2012 2:28 AM Flag

    Why ARM is not viable for Windows tablets and ultrabooks.

    Qualcomm ARM chips are more EXPENSIVE than Intel's clovertrail tablet chips.

    ARM chips and clovertrail are in the same POWER ENVEOLOPE.

    ARM chips will not run all of Windows software.

    ARM chips have less performance than Intel's chips.

    OK, so MORE EXPENSIVE, LESS PEFORMANCE, LESS COMPATIBLE, and SAME POWER chips are going to take over?


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    • It is actually generous as it assumes Intel finally gets round to reducing process size every year for Atom until it eventually catches up. Where is the 22nm Silvermont/ValleyView design and its technical presentation ? It's only going to sample next year as the dual-core 32nm Medfield in next up for production in 2013 which is already a slip as all 32nm products were meant only for 2012.

    • “ARM chips will not run all of Windows software.”
      More specifically, win8 desktop apps (legacy win32 app except metro/winRT apps) cannot run on ARM.
      This is a big drawback for ARM, which may add huge points to Intel solutions.
      Intel is improving power profile, and investing a lot in software solutions...
      Overall, Intel is likely to win out mobile battle over ARM.
      Given Intel other strengths in server/cloud and stock valuations, Owning INTC is much comfortable than owning expensive ARMH.

    • LOL at your "atom" timeline. Hope the ARM ecosystem still believes in your fantasy timeline.

    • The funny part is some analysts still believe ARM will have a 20% share of "PCs" by the end of 2012, with Win8 being the main reason why. LOL. The best thing that could happen to Intel investors is to get Win8 to market quickly so it will be shown to all Win8 on ARM is garbage & consumers will reject it for the real Win8 on x86. Win8 on ARM is a losing proposition for all: consumers, vendors & Microsoft. Microsoft & vendors will lose $$ on it when you factor in all of the support & returns.

    • "Personally I think ARM will fail on Windows 8"


      No strategy from MS to deal with consumer confusion. Legacy will win in the end.

    • "Personally I think ARM will fail on Windows 8"


    • Let me tell you once again.. ARM is good for embedded systems and smartphones. Can't do any real computing with it, especially under Windows.

      Anyway DUDE... HOLD on to your beliefs.... LOL.

      :) Not beliefs, facts.

      Personally I think ARM will fail on Windows 8, but it wont be because of performance (V Atom) :)

    • ATOM is not Medfeld or Silvermont DUDE...

      Yes, these are Atom cores:

      Medfield will have very similar performance to the Atom cores on that site. We know this as it's big brother [Cedar Trail] (also @32nm) has same CPU performance as it's 45nm predecessors.

    • ATOM is not Medfeld or Silvermont DUDE...

    • The week of the launch of Windows 8 the analysts and journalists will be talking about how this is the end of the Wintel era and how consumers will embrace the lower power and cheaper alternatives in the ARM configuration.

      And some will buy it, try it out and not be overly impressed. It just won't catch on.

      But what will catch on is the sucker's rally for ARMH. You can ride that tidal wave right up to the low 30's before it's discovered that consumers didn't embrace ARM based Windows.

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      • I've said it before and will say it again,... Once ARM gets dragged into a competition on performance,... They are dead meat. Their entire success has been in fine tuning power efficiency around a design point where performance was moderate at best.

        Move them off balance where they have to scale performance in order to compete, and their power efficiency will then become their Achilles heel, no longer their strength and selling point.

        Intel has been designing power efficient solutions that have been centered around much higher and more upward scalable performance design points. Have been doing this for the past decade and a half. Now we are laying the track for good scaling power/perf downward as well, both in architecture and process technology.

        I say good luck to all who have bought into the ARMH hype, and please be careful with your kid's college fund savings. I won't accuse you of being a snob for having aspirations for your kids to get a higher education and make something of themselves.

      • "this is the end of the Wintel era"

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