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  • ideal_invst ideal_invst Apr 22, 2012 8:08 PM Flag

    Intel - Three 22nm factories, 1 more online later this year

    And still supply-constrained!


    ** The firm has already built three factories to fabricate the new chips and
    ** a fourth will come online later this year.

    ** "This is Intel's fastest ramp ever," Mr Skaugen added.

    *** "There will be 50% more supply than we had early in the product cycle of our last
    *** generation, Sandy Bridge, a year ago. And we're still constrained based on the
    *** amount of demand we're seeing in the marketplace."

    Intel's Ivy Bridge chips launch using '3D transistors'

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    • Intel is about to absolutely flood the market with products by 2013. The aim of Intel with this strategy is to first "destroy" the foundry business model for smartphones, tablets, PCs & second maximize Intel profits. As a shareholder, I'm o.k with that. This is a zero-sum game. Dont believe the ARM fools on this thread who say both ARM & Intel can thrive. Thats not how Intel does business.

    • Seems like Intel's customers understand the huge advantage of the trigate chip fabrication alot more than some analysts or investors understand. In time investors will understand as well, as earnings growth becomes solid and very positive against expectations forcing many of the negative side analysts to give up on their pessimism. And those that don't, they will just get fired for missing one of the biggest stock appreciation in Intel's history.
      I'm a numbers guy, and I think the latest advancements in customer wins at Intel along with the promise that their trigate technology represents, Intel can achieve above $3.75 EPS in 2013 and over $4.50 EPS in 2014. Giving Intel an average annual growth rate of nearly 25% over the next 3 years.
      It's possible because of the huge lead in chip fabrication techniques which could send the stock steadily to over $60 in less than 3 years.

    • Does anyone know why Intel is leading with quad-core desktop processors? To my knowledge, mobile laptop processors carry premium pricing and margins...

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      • Intel tries to control demand by pricing. However, ...

        The Ivy Bridge chipset has been designed in and shipping for many months. It has been designed into every PC system. The Ivy Bridge is just a plug in replacement for the Sandy Bridge CPU chip for all systems.

        Customer will be able to ship a Sandy Bridge product or an Ivy Bridge product by selecting the CPU that is plugged in and changing the decal on the front of the machine.

        If there is an Ivy Bridge problem or a 22nm Trigate problem, Intel & customers can still ship product using Sandy Bridge 32nm CPU parts.

        Low cost, low risk introduction with zero engineering cost from Intel's PC customers.

        This should free up some 32nm capacity.

      • I'm guessing that there are still a lot of corporations waiting to upgrade to Windows 7 and aren't that interested in Windows 8 or maybe can't wait that long.

        For business users I think Ivy Bridge is more of a consideration than Windows 8.

        Just a guess...

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