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  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Apr 30, 2012 11:35 AM Flag

    I did not know you could get a FRIDGE up yours Apple?

    But Intel is putting one up yours Apple.

    "The Business Weekly recently reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook dismissed the concept of a convertible computer on a recent conference call with investors. Cook likened the idea to combining a refrigerator and a toaster on his way to making the point that while it can be done, it is "probably not going to be pleasing to the user."

    But A

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    • I am happy Tim cook siad what he said, it just an indication of his stupidity, Just let what Steve left for him run out and you will see how apple crash to the 1990s stock price.

      "As one commenter on CNN’s article pointed out: If there’s no need or demand for a hybrid device, why are external stands/keyboards/displays/etc. for the iPad so popular?"

      Please read this stuipd article
      Why Apple’s CEO Is Right About ‘Refrigerator-Toasters’ — and Laptop-Tablets
      Make sure to read all the 39 Comments,

      This is some of the Comments

      'Apple made the iPad because it actually did things better than phones and laptops. It wasn’t combining categories, it created one.”
      Wrong. Apple WAS combining categories. When the ipad was released it was simply a big iphone – it DID bridge the gap between phones and laptops. What the Yoga is looking to do and what the Asus Transformer already does is bridge the gap between tablets and laptops. The fact that Cook is dismissing these devices (and this article is agrees) completely contradicts the thinking behind the ipad’s very existence. What a load of hogwash.'

      "A smartphone is a mobile phone built on a mobile computing platform, with more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a feature phone.

      A classic example of an refrigerator-toaster."

    • One of the most idiotic things I have heard.

      Maybe Tim Cook should have thought of this combination: A refrigerator and a freezer.

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      • I was scratching my head also.
        A refrigerator with a toaster comparison?
        How the heck did he come up with that?
        He thinks that's a clever comparison?
        Maybe that's why the stock dropped today.
        Apple had a nice thing going with the mac book air.
        The iPhone was nice also with the full touch thing that caught on with everybody else.
        The iPad is nice too, but mostly for those who enjoy videogames.
        The hybrid ultrabook could actually take away the need for a tablet if priced right.
        Maybe that threat wories him since they don't like to combine the two.
        It obviously could eat away at the huge profits they enjoy by keeping everything separate.
        Combining a smartphone with a laptop may be too much because of the size difference.
        But there are certainly enough similiraties between a tablet and an ultrabook to make it work.
        He himself said that tablets could take over PCs.
        What he didn't realize is that ultrabooks that include a tablet could take away the need for a stand alone tablet.

    • I don't like convertible idea for personal use simply because of my personal preferences. However, I think combining tablets and laptops into convertibles is a logical idea and will have many takers. Both devices are used for largely overlapping purposes. Comparing it to refrigerator+toaster is a silly idea and indicates intellectual level of whoever said it. Somebody with a reasonable IQ would have kept quite without a better way to thrash the convertible idea.

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      • If one had said let's combine a cellphone, a still camera, a videocamera, an MP3 player, a GPS receiver, a gyroscope, a weather station, a PDA, a PIM, a calculator, FM Radio, a barcode scanner and a few more devices it would have sounded like the fantasy of a lunatic, that is until someone built it and showed how convenient it is.

        The hybrid ultrabook-tablet makes perfect sense. It's all about execution. And done well the hybrid can become the the "go-to" mobile device one carries in addition to the smartphone.

        Either Cook is a visionary and understands how threatening the hybrid could be, or he has absolutely no vision whatsoever.

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