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  • getanid61 getanid61 May 11, 2012 5:54 AM Flag

    Intel dismisses ARM threat

    "We have the advantage of the incumbency, the legacy support,"

    but then playing it both ways...

    "Intel also appears to be gunning for the iPad"

    WOA isn't really a competitor to Wintel till ARM64...
    No blame to Microsoft for limited support of a 32-bit CPU...


    legacy apps didn't stop the ipad, iphone or Android

    Wonder what little jr, who is getting his first tablet/phone/pc cares more about...
    Legacy apps of which he has none...
    or price

    btw, how many of the legacy apps use a touchscreen interface...

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    • (1) You can't live on touchscreen interfaces unless you are just watching video and
      playing basic games.

      (2) Tablets are a new device category, one that focuses on media consumption.
      Instead of Windows RT (Wart - windows-arm-rt?), Microsoft could have gone
      with Microsoft Tablet or some xBox/Kinect type of new name. No - they just
      had to put the Windows name (to leverage the brand) on an OS which is completely
      sealed and shut-off- thereby ensuring market confusion. They want to
      have the cake and eat it too - and they are going to get burned! (BTW, the
      Microsoft bloat hardly runs well on powerful x86, we'll see how it does on
      32-bit ARM). Looks like Microsoft is just begging to be slapped by
      highly po-ed customers.

      (3) If you want to do more with a device (other than media consumption), you need
      a regular Windows PC or a Mac. And here legacy and drivers matter!

      (4) Littlejr will probably not care about the architecture or OS, but I'm sure his
      parents who pay for it will. They would want a device that does all that Littlejr wants
      to do instead of buying multiple devices (at least, sensible parents will).
      And they would devices with a longer shelf life and no headaches in terms of
      drivers for Littlejr's camera and/or camcorder.

      (5) A cool x86 hybrid Ultrabook is the only device that seems to address all of the
      above. Along with a cool x86 Smartphone :)

      Other than Apple which has brand cachet, no other ARM company like little Nvidia or its device customers has any clout (so highly unlikely Littlejr is going to ask mommy or daddy for a Windows RT device to show off to his buddies).

      While Littlejr may ask for a $199 x86 Google-Motorola Mobility device because Google is way cool. And parents may just oblige because $199 isn't too much to make their kid look cool. But then, they will also have to get him a cool Ultrabook to do some studyin'.

      I agree with Intel - Tablets and PCs are complementary devices. You can carry them separately or carry one hybrid.

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      • > Tablets and PCs are complementary devices. You can carry them separately or
        > carry one hybrid.

        And I would feel great with a hybrid running Windows 8 (PC mode) and Android (Tablet mode). I wouldn't even thinking of using the Metro interface for the near term.

        I get legacy/drivers on PC mode. And all the media consumption I need on the Tablet mode...with more than enough apps and basic games on Android.

        All angles covered!

    • legacy apps didn't stop the ipad, iphone or Android
      Because most ipad, iphone or android users are also Windows or OSX users. Tell me are you living without Windows or OSX device? And how many do you know are managing without Windows or OSX devices? I know none.

      ipad, iphone and Android brought new experiences in people's lives. That is why they gained traction. What new will WOA bring? If Windows were entirely new concept, markets would wait for WOA ecosystem to develop and grow. But that is not the case.

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      • I could envision some traction for WoA if the product were better, cheaper, faster, more flexible and fully compatible with people's networks and software. But as it is, it will be very few of these things.

        Microsoft began the WoA initiative at a time when Intel was still floundering around and hadn't yet built a decent low power processor.

        But as they say, "That was then, and this is now". The Wintel consortium has a lot more money yet to make in this industry.

    • You really think that Microsoft is going to go out of it's way to write even more code for ARM 64bit when they've been slow to write it on x86 64bit?

      Microsoft is the king of brain farts. I am very suspect of their ability to dominate in the future. I believe that sooner or later the entire consumer computer industry will switch over to Linux. Many Mac people run XP for a few applications that demand it. But every day their is less and less reason to use Microsoft.

      What Microsoft could do to help push along Windows 8 is to give it away free to manufactures and give a $50 store credit for metro apps for consumers. That's what it would take to blast open this market. Too aggressive for Microsoft? Yes. The only glimmer of hope is that Microsoft lost money on every XBOX 360 they sold for years. It cost them more to make it than they sold it for. Not only that, they broke and Microsoft paid to have them shipped back and fixed on their dime. Can you imagine how big of a hole they dug for themselves? The consoles got better and had less problems and they got cheap enough to make that they made money on them and the games they sold. They took the lead away from Nintendo and Sony.

      If Microsoft would make such a bold move they probably wouldn't announce it until the units came out. They could run super aggressive promotions and take a huge bite out of Apple's iPad.

      Or they can run their usual model and wonder why things aren't selling the way they thought they should.

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      • "You really think that Microsoft is going to go out of it's way to write even more code for ARM 64bit "

        they haven't written any yet...

        but yes, it would be foolish to vest themselves fully in ARM32 when ARM64 is what's needed and what's coming...

        fyi, ARMH is a rubber stamp !!!!
        the world just needed a common ISA to rally around...

    • Did you pay attention to the whole investor meeting>
      Go and watch it again and take notes.
      It's alot more than the apps.

      There are over 110 ultrabook designs with over 30 of them being touch screen for a reason.
      How many tablets out there?
      Intel will have around 20 tablets using Intel chips.
      Looks like the developers have spoken on what will have more success.
      And it's not the architecture that will have the final say.
      It's the chip fabrication.
      In case you missed it, Intel already has over a 3 year lead with the High K process and will have at least a 4 year lead with the trigate.
      You need to pay more attention to Intel.
      They know what they are talking about.

    • But why would anyone buy a tablet that has known compatibility issues when for the same price they can have the tablet that runs everything, connects to everything and just works. The utility, flexibility and resale value of the Intel tablet will also be higher (everything else being equal) making the Intel product a smarter purchase.

      WoA devices are likely to wind up on the brown banana table.

    • fyi, China plans on a national unified CPU architecture...

      it won't run legacy apps either...
      Do you think they care...

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