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  • intel_fanboy intel_fanboy May 29, 2012 3:42 PM Flag

    Chatter about problems

    Yeah, he's been quiet. My goal wasn't to intimidate him to make him go away (though he claims I was harassing him). I just wanted him to back up his wild claim of Ivy Bridge leaking with something concrete. He followed up with some article put out by Piper Jaffray (what?) entitled "Ivy Bridge has more problems than you think." I asked him for a link to this, Google turns up nothing.

    On another post he mentioned something about Trigate leakage so bad that Atom 22nm doesn't look like it will be happening.

    There are plenty of Intel haters. There is negative stuff written about the company 24/7. He wants to use SemiWiki as his bully pulpit to right some wrong someone at Intel said about the fabless model. But to come on here and make wild claims against Intel and to feel smug enough to feel above being called on it just doesn't fly.

    Semiwiki is not a wiki, it's an industry gossip site. A wiki implies readers can change the information on the site to make it more accurate. There are articles on there but no comments to speak of.

    Not everybody on here shares the same point of view. Some people on here would like to see ARM succeed above Intel. Some of the most useful things I've read on here have come out of healthy and sometimes heated debates. But to use this site as a personal punching bag against Intel seemed to have not gone over well.

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    • Hey he wanted you to attend his site and then whoa to those who didn't subscibe to his way of thinking. I like to think there is a God! Can I say that on yahoo without this being scrubbed!

      If truth be told... that's one thing, what he offered wasn't.

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