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  • backbay_bstn backbay_bstn Jun 14, 2012 2:33 PM Flag

    Intel dismisses ‘x86 tax’, sees no future for ARM or any of its competitors

    Its about time Intel leadership becomes more vocal. I've been saying that for years & they're finally listening to me. Bear analysts have to be put in their place.

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    • On one side you've got Mike Bell, and on the other side you've got Warren East. Who do you believe?

      Warren East has always stuck me as a bit of a politician. He is bright, and articulate and his organization does have the clout and manpower to come up with innovative designs. But I've noticed he's a big talker when it comes the future of ARMH. When the stock starts to perform bad he's out talking a bit louder or announcing some new secret plan to level the playing field with Intel or stating that Intel doesn't stand a chance in mobile.

      Mike Bell is a wild card. He's not really an Intel guy. Coming from Apple and having worked on the iPhone he was a bit of an anomaly at Intel. He was known as "the phone guy" and he's a bit too "out there" for a lot of people. But his reference design smartphone brought Intel in ARMH's eyes from standing no chance at all to being "two years behind." That's a big leap, don't you think?

      Mike Bell is a bit to brash and innovative for the stiff upper lip mentality of Intel. He's more of a Steve Jobs era maverick. I don't know, I've seen guys like him in situations like this end up on the streets fairly quickly without much reason given. What Mike Bell said was that he has faith in Intel manufacturing.

      As long as Intel keeps someone like Mike Bell in house calling the shots ARMH has more to worry about than Intel's manufacturing capability. Big thinkers helped give Apple quantum leap profit margins. IF the situation is truly right for Mike Bell it's possible for him to do the same. But, if he needs sign off on every step of the way, and if he faces internal arguments and debates to move the company forward than you'll see him take off sooner than later.

    • Love to see Intel's Mike Bell confident.

      Guess they had to wait to get Medfield on the market...before they could make these type of statements.

      Now they should get even more aggressive with the technology, products, and PR.

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