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  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Jun 15, 2012 2:03 PM Flag

    NO thanks Apple. we will not fab arm crappp for you in our beautiful fabs.

    If you want our production, it is X86 we make.

    If you do not use our X86, we will crush you like you crushed Nokia.

    There is no room for second is there Apple.
    We are years ahead of the other companies in chip manufacturing and design.

    If you and Samsung want our chips, come knock on our door. if not, we will give other phone and tablet makers the chips they need to smash you as you smashed Nokia in the past.

    The future is now and it is with Intel Inside.

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    • toby.bridges Jun 16, 2012 4:31 AM Flag

      Why buy these cyclical businesses when you can buy this company.

    • I don't think ARM is completely dead in the water - they will try SOI and TSV.
      Apple needs a lot of chips and Apple needs someone who can provide (at least) a 10 year road map that can be met without a doubt.
      Currently Apple designers have to live with what might or might not be available - going with Intel they can design ahead.
      There is alot of other IP going into a SoC - not just the processor.
      Do Apple customer care whether it's ARM or 486 ?
      Intel will gain (some of) Apple business because they can provide a secure manufacturing road map and Apple will have to pay a little more for having this kind of reassurance.
      ARM will become the new AMD

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      • "Apple needs a lot of chips and Apple needs someone who can provide (at least) a 10 year road map that can be met without a doubt."


        Exactly. And if you are looking ten years out, the strategic situation is pretty clear. The ARM roadmap ends at 20nm and no one knows what kind of gap will exist at that point and how long it will last. We just know it's going to be a very, very significant gap - something in the two to five year range. And I think I'm being kind by suggesting it might only be two. The need for EUV and 450mm wafers points toward a lot longer.

        While ARM is contemplating the best way to bridge the abyss in their roadmap, Intel will be moving steadily ahead.

        So, who does Apple want to go with? The company with the abyss in the roadmap or the company who has already built an eight lane highway over the abyss and is heading off into the sunset?

        Apple's failure to make the right decision at this juncture could jeopardize the company's future...

    • No matter what Warren East says in the press ARMH was not going to walk off with Intel's market share while Intel was asleep at the wheel. Welcome to the new world order! It's what comes off the assembly line not what looks good on paper. I don't know why some people just don't get that!

    • The announcement of the MacBook Pro being overhauled and running Ivy Bridge indicates that Apple is at least somewhat aware that current processor technology is important. The iPad sales continue to grow but they have to be at least a little worried that some left field device can come in and catch on. It doesn't have to be an x86. It can be an ARM 28nm processor. But the risk is there that the market can turn quickly on them.

      I'm sure that they are aware that they cannot call the shots at Intel, and yet it isn't wise to offer a 4th generation 40nm ARM processor.

    • I think Intel will manufacture specific customer designs for specific customers using x86 core. And Apple will fall in that category. Over time, Google can be a second with their Motorola Mobility division. With Microsoft indicating that they will come out with their own brand Tablet, they may be another one in future once they drop their ARM interests.

      - Intel has already indicated that they will support specific customer designs with x86 core.
      - Their nascent entry into foundry business model seems to support that approach as well.

      Of course, Intel will continue to provide a whole range of CPUs/SoCs to their OEM customers.

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