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  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Aug 3, 2012 12:32 PM Flag

    Show me your taxes Mitt you draftdoging two faced liar.


    Hard to believe that a wallstreet scumbag like Mitt would lie.


    Pluck you Mitt

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    • Negative tax rate...or extremely low tax rate...all legal...Mitt knows how to work the system.... and the system is rigged bleeding middleclass while cutting tax on the most wealthy who create anything but jobs ... they just blew billion on pluck book ...
      greed eventually kills ...Mitt's wife reminds me of Marie Antoinette...and than there is Louis...that horse fits right in...

    • Go mitt em scared.

      • 2 Replies to albchem
      • I bet you like Rush Limbaugh.

        He is GAY!

        In effect, Limbaugh spent nearly a decade stoned off his
        bleeding backside, and ultimately built up his tolerance to levels
        requiring dozens of pills per day in order to, as Limbaugh once
        confided in his maid, "get my buzz on."

        A textbook example of the damning effects of drug abuse,
        Limbaugh's addiction precipitated a swift drop in weight,
        deafness in both ears, and a marked decline in mental faculties.
        He also became increasingly paranoid - requiring his provider to
        meet him at night behind restaurants, next to dumpsters,
        where he'd hand over cigar boxes stuffed with "cabbage" (cash)
        in exchange for some "little baby blues" (pills). Limbaugh's
        desperation peaked in 2003, when he groped his provider in an
        attempt to check her for a wire tap.

        By late 2003 the whole world knew of Limbaugh's drug
        addiction, though by virtue of their lack of character the
        majority of his fan base remained loyal listeners. Limbaugh's
        show remained popular, despite the rapid rise of Liberal Talk
        Show host Al Franken and the dogged attempts by the Bush
        administration to shut down long time talk show staple Howard

        In May 2004 Rush's third wife, Marta, grew tired of never
        having sex with her allegedly closeted homosexual of a
        husband, and so asked for a divorce. Limbaugh complied after his
        desperate wife agreed to never reveal the true nature of Rush's
        sexual perversion.

      • What is hard to believe that after 4 years of this one they want more. Goodness gracious.

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