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  • ih8w8n ih8w8n Sep 6, 2012 2:28 PM Flag

    "shared prosperity" CODE WORD for ...

    ...socialism. When a Democrat hears that code word, they imagine a future where marijuana can be smoked, Ivy League classrooms attended, and nocturnal encounters engaged in, and SOMEONE ELSE pays for the permanent vacation.

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    • Oh please. Do we need such conspiracy talk? As if Democrats secretly read Lenin in their houses as they plot the socialist takeover. Socialist my foot. As for smoking dope -- perhaps you don't realize that some libertarians and even conservatives think that what you smoke is your damn business, as long as you are not harming anyone. (Do you believe in the nanny state for pot smokers?). As for Ivy League classrooms -- I sure hope they can be attended. What do you want? For the classrooms to be emptied? For the life of me, I have never heard of Democrats plotting for free permanent vacation.

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      • Difference between freedom and coercion is determining who pays? Conservatives believe in private charities and liberty; Leftists believe in coercion and political power. We are all staring at the accumulated failure of decades of implemented Leftist promises in the form of insolvent entitlements, and the Left says "it's because we didn't get enough money from 'the rich'". There is never enough of Other People's Money to keep the machine running as promised...

    • "Republicans" to incorrectly assume they know what other people think.

      In fact, they don't need any CODE WORD, they routinely think they have the "answer" with their oversimplified "solutions".

    • ...due to unsustainable pension and health care promises to faculty and staff. Have we not figured it out yet? Decades of leftist promises were merely ponzi schemes. There are no guarantees in life.

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      • Nonsense. Don't confuse state government problems with college tuition costs. Faculty costs are a small part of college costs. When I went to college, no one expected wired dorms, good mental health services, etc. Colleges cost too much: yes. But some, my friend, are worth it. Do you realize how much of the cost at a Princeton, Williams, or Swarthmore is subsidized? A heck of a lot.

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