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  • att4glte att4glte Sep 6, 2012 11:38 PM Flag

    Obama will get a 2nd term


    Overwhelming number of idiots, freaks, and clueless lazy people - just the vote he wants and will get again. Good ole Obama! party it up for 8 years, fly Air Force jets to Hawaii and Martha's vineyard, acomplish NOTHING other than pinning us with crazy debt, then roll out of the Whitehouse, write a book and laugh at the middle class as he lives the 1% life. Only in America.

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    • he isn't held to the same standards. you know the old saying, he's very athletic. same old #$%$ with him.

    • Intrade has a pretty good lead for Obama now and they are hardly ever wrong but there is a lot of time for that to change. The problem with R & R is that people just don't like and trust them. It will be hard to find working and poor people and now seniors that will vote for Romney. They did a poor job at their convention especially telling people "how" they will fix things besides just the usual jargon from their side tax cuts.

    • Don't forget that you will still have freedom of speech on your side and I will be there to support your right to say whatever stupid thing comes to your mind. The Tea Party Republicans got exactly what they wanted. They got all the Republican planks they wanted. They pushed your party WAY to the right and held your feet to the fire.

      President Obama will owe his reelection to the Koch brothers et al, the Supreme Court (and GWB for appointing Chief Justice Roberts) and all the state the state and local extremist governors and state houses. Just like you by bringing this drivel to the FINANCE boards.

      THANKS FOR THE SECOND TERM. The Democrats could not have done it without you.

    • You have to be deranged to think that Bubba O and Sideshow Joe will fix your problems!

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