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  • att4glte att4glte Sep 21, 2012 7:44 PM Flag

    Romney releases 2011 Tax Return. Donate THIRTY Percent of his income to charity......Obama only donated 21 percent. No shock, cheap Liberals



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    • they spend others money freely.

    • Romney is a More-Mon. They have to give the church 10%. They are audited by the church. And, it's not charity. It's an admission fee. If you are a More-Mon and you don't tithe 10%, you are kicked out. How is that charity?

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      • A tithe to the church and then the rest to the Tyler Charitable ROMNEY FOUNDATION which is used to launder his donations to other groups like:

        The Romney BLIND TRUST was the only contributor to the "Tyler Charitable FOUNDATION " and it looks like the blind trust donated stocks with large capital appreciation. The donation of the stocks HID the capital gains when donated to a charity AND Romney gets to claim an inflated donation. The inflated donation is then used to shelter his other "income".

        Sweet deal.

        In his released 2011 taxes, Romney did not even claim all of the donation because his tax rate would be below 14%. He will amend them later after the election. When noone is looking like he did in 2009, 2008, 2007, ......

        Romney destroyed all the records of his Olympics.
        Romney took the hard drives of all the State of MA computers when he left office.
        Romney is HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT rather than being transparent.
        Romney is can only be trusted to make the decision that puts his benefit first.
        Romney first. Who cares about anyone else.

        "Much of the Romneys’ charitable contributions went to their foundation, the Tyler Charitable Foundation, as well as to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Many Mormons tithe 10 percent of their income each year."

    • Wow, 30 percent to Charity. Does this sound like a "deadbeat rich person" as #$%$ Wally liberal calls them??????????

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