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  • penma1 penma1 Oct 5, 2012 8:17 PM Flag


    Obama failed us. Obama is for obama not for us. I am voting romney in november.

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    • Your story changes at each posting. Your argument changes each time. Opinion sound bite after opinion sound bite. They are fine as your opinion. If you feel your understanding is sufficient to make your decision, then go for it.

      Do not confuse your opinion as "fact". Your logic should not persuade anyone but those who already agree with you will be fine.

      Argument #1: Obama failed us. Obama is not for us.
      You must not be part of the 47% that is leaching off the government. You are getting less benefit than you expect to lose from a Romney administration. No Social Security, medicare, or in need of any other government programs like that.

      Argument #2: Obama lies.
      Mitt Romney, the Republican Party and the religious extremists supporting them have become the greatest source of material for world comedy. Full employment for comedy.

      Argument #3: low opinion about leadership.

      "For me obama is like carter. i had very low opinion about carter and i have even lower opinion about obama. I am talking about leadership."

      The truth is probably that you "HATE OBAMA" and will do anything to get him out of office. That is just my opinion.

      If I were someone who hated the President, publicly committed to make him a one term President and I was in some position of authority would I chose to compromise with him (give him a success?) or would I chose to trip him up at every opportunity?

      House Speaker John Boehner
      House Majority Leader Eric Cantor
      House Committee Chairmen
      Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell
      Any Senator who can put a secret hold

      Record number of Obama appointee nominations for executive and judicial positions put on secret hold. How much damage or good has been accomplished by these holds?

      These American leaders of the House and Senate have damaged America in order to execute their hate. You are just a puppet of theirs.

    • What country are you from?

      My business hasn't been better since Bushler left office.

    • I am voting romney in november

    • I'll second that.

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