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  • nickster135796 nickster135796 Oct 11, 2012 10:31 AM Flag

    Windows 8

    Stock down 25% from high because pc sales are down 1%. #$%$! Maybe a lot of people are waiting for Windows 8, just like people waited for the new iPhones right before a new model came out. Who wants to upgrade software on a brand new computer. While iPads are great, they are not a true replacement for a pc. Don't forget they also have chips in servers and lots of other products..

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    • I said this in another thread, but I'll re-post it here as it seem appropriate to the topic:
      "That last REAL major interface overhaul Microsoft did was Windows 95 and it was a SMASH hit. Windows 8 is the first MAJOR interface overhaul Windows has had since Windows 95. I tried it and I liked it. I think word of mouth will sell this os (and processors) like hot cakes. I never had much faith in it till I tried it. I work with computers all day as an IT admin and I was really impressed, I think the general public will be as well. Quarter 4 should see INTC back in the 23 to 24 range, but time will tell for sure. If you haven't tried the new interface, give it a go and see what you think for yourself."

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    • The analysts believe the "PC is dead" and that Intel is a PC company.

      The analysts believe that ARM will make a significant impact on the Intel ASP, profit margin and may take significant market share. Especially IF Apple converts its MAC lines to ARM (Note to Wallis .... I said this is what I think is influencing ANALYSTS and I am not saying it is true or false) .

      The analysts believe that Intel cannot be successful in the new product market and compete with the low priced ARM based products.

      SInce Intel has a VERY large percentage of the PC and SERVER computing market, there is more risk in them losing share than gaining (since their share is at 90%).

      The analysts do not believe that Intel knows what is going on. Intel has warned on earnings twice in the last 4 quarters. Once for a flood that wiped out an overly concentrated disk drive operation in Thailand and the second time this quarter after Intel customers changed their orders. I doubt that Intel would have warned before their customers.

      Laptop, desktop and server CPU chips are still a dominant part of their revenue.

    • "Maybe a lot of people are waiting for Windows 8"

      Does that also explain why Otellini warned that PC manufacturers were scaling back instead of stocking up on chips as the release of Windows 8 and the holiday season looms?

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