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  • intc_inside intc_inside Oct 15, 2012 1:17 PM Flag

    Listen to #$%$ Alexander. #$%$$ spin it

    SCUMander actually said just the other day that Intel was worth at leat 30........but while nobody's looking he's shorting it. he's a Liberal with no morals, so no surprise.

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    • I said that I thought TSM would be a "good comparison" and showed my work. I said it was just my opinion, You did not point out where you disagreed with my $30 assumptions or any math errors. I am open to alternate views of the universe.

      It seems I struck a nerve with my comments that I do not get pleasure from others pain. I expect to lose money when I make a decision that leads to a loss. I expect others to lose money similarly.

      The subtle difference is that I don't celebrate and taunt others for problem investment decisions. If you feel that it is OK, then that is fine. Go ahead. All it will affect is my opinion and it appears that my opinion has no value to you. That is quite OK too.

      I am long. I am not short stock.
      I AM ALSO SHORT PUT options (FYI, that is bullish).
      I have not said a single thing that would indicate that I am short or believe that a short position is the appropriate one for Intel.

      If you are having fun, please continue.
      If you are really upset, then you probably should re-read my postings. They do not lead to your conclusions.
      I will be happy to answer questions that I can.

    • Sure would be nice if you contributed something to this board. Unlike Wally or Alex who do, sorry you don't agree with them, but at least they give reasons.

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