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  • duhboysarebackintown duhboysarebackintown Oct 18, 2012 9:15 AM Flag

    Marsavian, Alexander....

    How is 14nm going to be so big if there's not enough places to sell the chips? Assuming we don't get Samsung OR Apple, how in the world can they keep all those Fabs fully pumping?

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    • 22nm Haswell will have the lowest power sku of around 8-10W but 14nm Broadwell will take that down to 5W. The dual-core with hyperthreading will positively destroy the quad-core ARM competition in the same power range. This is a processor that will have Itanium/Power 7 server performance/clock levels yet be a twentieth of the power. 14nm Airmont will also beat the same ARMs on performance/core and performance/watt. There will compelling Intel skus from every form factor from the cheap single-core phone to large way multi-core servers. It's not a question of who the customers will be but who they won't be. The customers will decide the winners not big OEMs like Samsung and Apple who are the current favorites with bashers here. They might keep the fashion customers but those who want best bang/buck will choose Intel products like they always have.

    • Gartner and IDC still have the number of PC growing over time. Just forecast very slowly. The 300m to 350m units per year will chew up a couple wafers. Intel has booked multiple new customers on their Atom based smartphones LONG AFTER THE UPHORIA of the Atom and reference design introduction. That is a very good sign that the product OR the futures are good enough to entice commitments.

      Intel built inventory based on DELL, HPQ, ... forecasts/orders. When they pushed out the orders, Intel has to manage their pipeline. The pipe is drained and IMO, following Win8 launch, orders will pick up and then depending on Win8, .... In any event, the PC volumes would have to drop below what IDC and Gartner have forecast to be a problem with vacant fabs.

      Apple created a product line with two distinctive features:
      1. a "finger mouse" input (touch)
      2. ultra-mobility without a car battery

      On the low end, Intel had Atom and Android.
      Above this, Intel was missing the OS support. Win8 is the key piece to break the touch input barrier.

      The PC is not dead, it is just a computing device that is undergoing reconstructive surgery.

    • How many times do we have to go over this? There is always demand for the high end. Just look at AMD, Nvidia and Qualcomm who have bitterly complained about TSMCs lack of 28nm capacity. You think it they can't get enough 28nm that they won't want 14nm production???

      Hey, where is the miss? Quit skipping the question...

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