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  • duhboysarebackintown duhboysarebackintown Oct 18, 2012 1:56 PM Flag

    is the writer of this article credible?

    Thank you for the well thought out and knowledgeable response. I'm guessing Fab 42 has already had some big name visitors to see what kind of technology Intel will be able to provide them going forward.

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    • Primarily Intel's new FABs will be used for its traditional notebook/desktop/server processors and any new incremental tablet/phone sales it can pick up along the way. There is zero chance of 14nm Broadwell losing any sales to any ARM competition in Intel's traditional markets and AMD will have a very hard time too. The stock may not now recover until next year but Intel's strong future product pipleine as it gets executed will ensure an eventual reversal of the stock price decline. Once PC sales and Atom sales (i.e. tablets/phones) both start increasing again (sometime in 2013) that will be the trigger for this stock to still be seen as part of the computer future and not just its past and present. Once that penny drops the stock could add back dollars in days.

    • It's also good to keep a sense of perspective, iPhone is on its 5th generation and iPad and Galaxy on their 3rd generations yet Intel still made $5bn operating cash last quarter which is close to historical highs. Intel could suspend buybacks for a quarter and instantly find another billion net profit, that's how much slack there is in the profit margins. 2013Q3-Q4 is when the Windows 8/Haswell/Clovertrail factors start showing up in the bottom line, everybody has one more year to accumulate at these very low stock prices because they won't be seen again after 2013.

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