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  • paul.ottelini paul.ottelini Oct 25, 2012 5:24 PM Flag

    So the tablet is cannibalizing the PC?

    For the last three months, headlines have been that the PC is dying because of the tablet.
    Well, tablet sales for most have been anemic so let's just say the iPad.
    Within the past three months, Intel's PC revenue went from $8.68 Billion to $8.633 Billion.
    Pretty much flat. And this in a weak macro economic environment.
    No drop in unit sales of PCs due to the ASP being flat as well.
    How has the iPad been doing.
    Well, within the past three month, the very hot and very desired iPad sales went from 17 million units, down to 14 million units. This new and exciting product that only Apple seems to be successful in, saw a drop in sales of 17.6%. While a very mature product with over 80 million quarterly unit sales, did not drop at all during a very weak macro economic environment.
    But the headlines would have investors believe otherwise.

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    • Looks like tablet is dying already. Intel just had FLU.

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      • Buying a PC, desktop or laptop is a bit like an investment. One can use the PC to do work ( ie; generate multimedia content, conduct sophisticated analysis ) and overall perform tasks that can generate income, improve job status, etc. Of course one can also use the desktop, laptop, ultrabook for entertainment and leisure.

        For most however a tablet isn't powerful or versatile enough to satisfy the work requirement. It's OK for some entertainment and Internet social interaction but its limited functionality means the tablet is more like an entertainment expense, similar to buying a DVD player because one still has to have the real thing to support their professional endeavor.

        In a tight economy if one only has $600 to spend on technology it makes a lot more sense to invest in the tool that can fully support one's profession and income generation and do leisure activities than a paying the same price for an underpowered device that will put on the shelf after the novelty of the interface wears off.

        The touch interface is compelling to many but eventually consumers will understand the difference between investing in themselves versus buying an entertainment appliance.

    • Apple's best days are behind with Steve Jobs gone. I have been using iPad3 for about 4 months. Never will I buy another pad like that. So limiting. My choice will be ultrabook...

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