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  • publicservice100 publicservice100 Oct 27, 2012 6:27 PM Flag

    W8 Reviews - What They Don't Say

    There are a lot more Windows 8 reviews today. The journalist that said Microsoft "threw desktop users under the bus" is absolutely correct. Moreover, Microsoft threw everyone without a touch-enabled tablet or smartphone under the bus. OMG W8 is awful. The reviewers try to be kind to W8 but nearly every review goes to considerable effort to caution consumers how radically different and even awkward the user experience is.

    Virtually no one is recommending to rush out and buy this for an existing PC.

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    • As I said before Microsoft wanted it's turn to fail with ARM. Windows 8 is a culmination of previously failed ARM based Windows ideas that Microsoft has a 15 year track record with. When you compare Windows 8 to Windows CE yes it's better. When you compare it to Android and iOS, RT really sucks. Microsoft saw movement with iOS products and then Android and felt that Intel was holding them back. Now here's the big question. What will do better in the future, Windows RT or Intel in Android phones?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I am still use Office 2003. A great suite of productive office programs. However, MSFT has been ramming 2010 Office down our throats. At least we can download a compatibility package to read 2007 and 2010 files. Now they're going to ram Windows 8 down our throats. I'll still use a mouse. I don't want to get my monitor dirty while I eat and work.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • MS had previously tired to make operating systems for handheld devices that resembled its PC operating systems. And that didn't work. But now they are dancing around in glee because they figured out that the correct strategy is to make the PC operating system look like the mobile phone operating system.

      The problem, of course, is the lack of discipline, lack of confidence, propensity to panic, disregard for professional needs, and over-reaction to tablets such that they think a tablet operating system should be on all computers. They could just have a separate operating system for tablets.

      For instance, when sitting at a desktop the reach for the mouse is a shorter reach than for the screen. And so who would want to pay extra for a touch screen on a desktop ? Or who wants to have the large desktop screen so close to the face ?

      But Windows 7 is supported until the year 2020. So the PC makers might be making a mistake if they don't offer a choice of Win 7 or Win 8.

    • Win8 commercials are everywhere. The Apple/iPad business model just got thrown under the bus. No corporation is going to touch an Apple product now because they have a viable Wintel offering that saves them a lot of headaches. Consumers will also start upgrading their PCs now. INTC to $30 within a year.

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      • eps $3 ? will it fun getting back to $29 still?

      • There are a lot of reasons Intel could go to $30 or beyond but it won't be because W8 gives anyone incentive to go buy a new a desktop or laptop without a touch screen. In fact, some buyers of new W8 PCs may choose to downgrade to W7 which Microsoft allows.

        Intel's shares have been held back because of its inability to participate in the mobile space. W8 (excluding RT) should help Intel in convertible ultrabook and tablet sales but forcing a tablet-smartphone paradigm on nearly a billion desktop/laptop Windows users is insane. Not everyone wants to have finger prints all over their high res display. What is humorous is that even when Microsoft tries to copy Apple they can't even do it right.

      • no need for businesses to upgrade, zero, zip. worthless upgrade for desktop pc's as microsoft copies appl with touchcreen interface unsuitable for non touchscreen pc's.

        so long, far well, the growth of the pc is long gone, now just a replacement product cycle that requires infrequent replacement.

    • Last I checked, OS's can be updated and I have a hunch that Microsoft will indeed listen to people and make the necessary changes. I've also heard a lot of people that like it, and some like to cry and whine just to cry and whine......these message boards appear to have several of those types on it.

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