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  • freeland001 freeland001 Nov 6, 2012 9:24 AM Flag

    in few years, smartphone will use intel's integrated smart chip

    tablet and smartphone is moving toward a computer. intel will have its advantage again. in five years, appl may be out of business. intl's chips are in every tablet and smartphone.

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    • Future smartphones will host full blown Windows 8 as a guest virtual machine and Intel's x86 is the only chip that will run all legacy Windows apps natively. Intel's WiGiG will allow wireless docking between the smartphone and high resolution displays, keyboard and mouse giving consumers ultimate mobility. The smartphone will also have abundant local storage which is infinitely better and more secure than putting one's confidential data in the cloud to be exploited by some cloud operator.

      Apple could also run MAC OS apps on a future iPhone but they need to dump ARM for x86 in its phones and tablets to match what will be possible with Windows.

    • Intel 48 Core CPU for Smartphones and Tablets. Betting against Intel in the Long term is not too bright and Smartphones aren't ever going away. Plenty of business for the biggest players over the long haul. Intel will "get theirs". JMHO.

    • funny...

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