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  • joespada282 joespada282 Nov 6, 2012 6:33 PM Flag

    Cramer: screens all questions prior to answering

    do you know how many complaints about stock recommendations, he would get if they let the calls go thru, he has so many dogs he touted, that turned out to be pure losers, it is pathetic

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    • The only thing that fat bald headed j knows is chinese food on christmas.

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      • Cramer listened to my question on TV in October. That telephonic question was recorded in September, and that phone call was one month after I had sent an e-mail asking the question and his people thought it was good enough to ask the question on TV. A two-month delay! The start and end of his show may be current, but other parts of his show are taped delayed. His specific comments about individual companies may be questionable but his portfolio management discussions are pretty much on the mark. Does anyone really think that he can be prepared, on a moment's notice (when people ask about a company), to answer questions about any of 30,000 publicly-held companies? And that's with a considerable staff behind him.

    • he has so many dogs he touted, that turned out to be pure losers, it is pathetic


      About 2 years ago Cramer touted the dog Intel saying that it would double in
      share price. Instead Intel turned out to be a pure loser.

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      • and you fell for it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        11-May-11 10:24am
        I must admit that this morning's announcement is nothing short of remarkable.
        As of today, I officially capitulate and am encouraging the purchase of Intel shares.
        This company is hitting on all cylinders and the management team is doing everything right.
        The outlook for the shares is positive, imo.
        I do, however, reserve the right to take shots at Wallis when he presents an easy target.


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