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  • penma1 penma1 Nov 8, 2012 12:32 AM Flag


    Are you out of your mind? Cubans live like animals. Is this what you want in america? Obama might accoplish it for you. America will go down the drain. America will end up like rome.

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    • penam1, that was sarcasm I am sure.

    • A careful application of capitalism and socialism is the best of both worlds. Pure capitalism is destructive, as it evenutally leads to lawlessness and rule of the strong by all means necessary, pure socialism leads to lifestyles that are unsupportable. Also, humans as a rule are not driven purely by self discovery and self development. The Star Trek NG universe is a good example of meritocracy and socialism spread throughout the the hypothetical federation. People strive to be the best they can, but basic things are provided by the technology at hand. That technology is not a crutch but a tool to drive people to greater heights.

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      • bbkenno, I agree and that's why Obama was foolish for blowing his dimocratic advantage on healthcare, he should have raised taxes first. He hs noo economic or business sense. Lets hope he has learned for his 2nd term. He with the gold makes the rules or at least some of them. Not too hard to realize that no one is going to work hard and give it all away.

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