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  • aholewad aholewad Nov 7, 2012 6:25 AM Flag


    YEP!!! 50% voted for ROMNEY and they will be miserable without their rape legislation and tax reductions.

    The middle class will have to get ear plugs to keep the whining of the super rich from driving them deaf!!!

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    • Super rich don't whine. They just make more money. Middle class will be the ones in trouble trying to find a job. I hope I am wrong.

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      • The super rich are also very generous. They make large tax deductable donations to those wonderful SUPERPACs that support the crushing of the middle class.

        There are jobs today that cannot be filled. They require higher education skills that are tough to find. These jobs are in cities where it makes it tough to sell your "under water mortgage" home and move. Thank you former President BUSH for the financial panic.

    • 22-Feb-12 05:04 pm

      Two out of every three people receiving stock dividend payments are rich, many totally, incredibly rich and should be paying more taxes instead of us soaking the middle class. I'm sick of the deadbeat rich who are unwilling to carry their fair share of the load...


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      • "I can't hear you because I have my ear plugs in".

        Can you imagine how bad the election would have been for the Republicans if they had not spent the big bucks which limited their losses? They would have lost the house and a bunch more senate seats if they had conducted a no-Superpac race.

        ROMNEY was STUNNED that he lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone must have lied to him about what was happening.

        We will see how far the super rich will go in the game of chicken. I think Boehner, Cantor and McConnell will not give in and they will get the credit for all that happens. The Republicans better pump the superpacs back up to spin there decision.


    • do you expect the economy to get better?

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      • YES!!!

        I expect the recovery from the SEPT 2008 BUSH financial panic to continue to recover slowly and take 10 to 15 years to completely unwind. You can compare a FINANCIAL PANIC RECESSION to a REGULAR RECESSION but it is wrong to do so. They are different animals.

        Recovery would be faster and more robust if the REPUBLICAN PARTY would really take JOBS as their top priority instead of thwarting OBAMA at the expense of AMERICA.

        The REPUBLICANS can deal in the center and make things work or they can "hold to their priniples", continue to veer right and leave the country in the rear view mirror.

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