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  • amdsuckks amdsuckks Nov 9, 2012 1:20 PM Flag

    Ricky suckatelli of cnbc is a real loser crybaby woooosey

    You lost--get over it or leave Chicago and move to some Nazi country.

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    • obama opens his mouth and the market drops, 4 years from now you will be a lot worse off than you are now

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      • "obama opens his mouth and the market drops"
        you believe everything you read on the internet don't you

      • HAAA HAAA
        They said the President would take everyone's guns......even as gun sales, gun shows, and cc permits set new records

        They said the President was 'waging a war on religion'........even as the number of churches, religous based orgs, Sunday schools, and religious-political activists grew by leaps and bounds

        They said the President was weak, ineffective, and dangerously 'apologetic' in foreign affairs....even as he rid the world of those who attacked us, ended one war, began the 'drawdown' of the other, strengthened and increased our system of care for our veterans, enlisted our allies in responding to threats and challenges, and oversaw the rise of America's reputation and stature in the world....and made our nation safer.

        They said he would balloon Big Government and destroy private business.....even as he streamlined, reduced, and held government costs in check, and oversaw a period of record-breaking corporate profits, executive bonuses, and increased private-sector hiring

        The GOP lost because the lied about EVERYTHING.
        They are neadrethals.
        Obummer is not native born--or American.
        He is a commi
        He is European
        He is african
        He hates America
        He will take all our guns
        He raised our taxes
        All of these are simple untrue.
        You lost idiots so get over it or--self deport like Romney said.

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