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  • aholewad aholewad Nov 13, 2012 9:59 AM Flag

    No Help Coming - the Leftists have won

    The leftist did not WIN!!!
    The IDIOT RIGHT spent election in their sister's crotch.

    The RIGHT has abdicated responsiblity to moderate a compromise agreements. INTSTEAD, they have veered more extreme and lost everyone except the wackos.

    There has been no nationalization.
    There has only been the abandonment of the center by the RIGHT.

    $400 million was not wasted on the election.
    The $400 million spent by superpacs keep the REPUBLICANS from TOTAL DISASTER.

    MITT got what he wanted. His $100mill superpac balance will be transferred to his Caymen shell corps and he will have pocketed a cool $100m from donors.

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    • Ha ha ha...your guy won, and somehow its my fault or the GOP's fault? I'm short the market and I am going to enjoy every Obama failure, every socialist-based screw-up. As our Idiot-in-Chief sets up Obamacare with a bankrupt treasury and an exploding deficit, and the Democrat Senate sits on their hands another year (no budget), I look forward to the disaster as clueless Democrat voters sniffle through the smoky haze. Four more years! Four more years! (of the same FAILURE)

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