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  • firstofmany firstofmany Nov 13, 2012 11:02 AM Flag

    Use this opportunity to BUY!

    At best INTC is a hold, and even that is a leap of faith. INTC is all about PCs, because that's the only market generating enough volume in discrete CPUs to keep the fabs busy, and fewer and fewer people see the need to upgrade their PCs every few years. People - and companies - are spending their money on phones and tablets, and INTC has the wrong business model for that. Phones and tablets are about differentiation, not similarity like the PC market. Servers and supercomputers are nice, but the volume is way too low to support INTC. Until INTC senior management buys themselves a clue about the right strategy these guys are more likely a short than a long. INTC is currently lost in the woods, blind and deaf.

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    • 'and fewer and fewer people see the need to upgrade their PCs every few years.'

      There is a certain amount of truth in that as probably Intel's biggest competitor is not AMD, not ARM but its older processors. In the old days, increasing clockspeed used to be the motivator, then more cores now it's probably less power. Haswell will provide a lot more performance and a lot less power sparking new upgrade cycles above the norm, that's what the raw specs are telling me. We don't have long to wait for this to be found out as benchmarks should start leaking out soon.

    • You really need to do a little research and look beyond the headlines. What you just described is classic mass media #$%$.

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      • Nonsense. I'm looking at what people around me are doing. All of the excitement and spending is in tablets and phones, and INTC isn't there. Absent. Yeah, I still do my work on INTC-powered desktop, and I use a notebook for business, but my notebook is three years old and I see no reason to replace it. Others I talk to feel the same way. PCs will grow in emerging markets, but existing markets are going to decline.

        Actually, INTC worst problem is MSFT. Windows 8 is not at all compelling. A big disappointment. I upgraded on that $40 Win 8 Pro deal, and I'm so sorry I did. Like I said INTC is lost, and it appears like they asked MSFT for directions, forgetting they were lost too. Both companies need some new blood at the top.

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