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  • bacbacker bacbacker Nov 13, 2012 10:03 AM Flag

    Use this opportunity to BUY!

    I cannot believe that it went under pe of 9. I see it bounce over it now but was below it earlier. I guess the MS news scared off some weak hands. I am telling you, this is the best time to buy INTC. Don't be fooled by all these articles on weak PC numbers. The lines between what is a PC and what is a tablet are become blurry. It seems obvious to me that the PC is evolving with the touch capabilites that are demanded my consumers. In 2 years time, all PC will have touch capabilities. You won't find any labtops that you see now. Convertibles PCs will be the wave of the future. INTC will be a dominate player in this market. I would not be surprised to see a convertible PC coming from AAPL. I think come CES in January, you will see all new types of super thin powerful convertible PCs that will come pouring into the market with the new INTC Haswell chip. And at CES, you will also see smartphones with INTC's new z2580 chip inside. The media will have a different tune for INTC in 2013!

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    • P/E Below 9 again... 8.74.. WOW... how low can we go... sucks big time to be me... oh well.... just go with the flow and if I lose it all then I celebrate I guess...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • It keeps falling day by day and makes new 52 week new low every day, you''ll have at least more than a hundred times opportunities to buy.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • We may have actually seen the bottom today at $20.50... it was certainly a prime buy at that price... but the future earnings reports will be the tell all to where the stock is headed... I only hope that we can maintain till then... there's not going to be any good upswing without some radically good news, and still everyday, more negative news about the PC industry doesn't bode well for intel as investors look at it as a PC company... the boys at intel need to get the news out, if there is any, that they are making great strides in the right direction... still 2 months till next earnings and we could plummet another $5 between now and then, but I sure hope we saw the bottom today...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I have been reading your posts for the last few days. You keep telling that it will go down .....if I am correct you got in at $22.xx . why dont you sell and get in at a lower price?

        I see PC market evolving differently. Do you think tablets and regular laptops will be around in 2 years time? I dont think so. We are moving towards Convertible laptops ( with detachable screens = tablets). Intel is in that space. then why do you worry too much about this Price drop?

        a few things :
        1. PPS is being manipulated. when Intel was at $22 - Bloomberg comes out saying apple doing to dump intel. Didnt we know that before? was it new info? that shaved a $1 off the stock price. Menas big boys are buying aggresively.

        2. 2013 Intel will take off.......Windows Surface Pro will be the in thing.

        3. Until then ignore the stock price worst come worst - it will drop to $18......4 yrs worth of dividends.......if you are not comfortable with that price drop please sell it today and get back in later. dont loose your sleep over this.

        4. You keep telling it will drop $5...........please try to learn more on valuation. Have you read their balance sheet? it is rock solid and people invest in intel for:
        a) R&D b) Best engineers in the world work there c) Cash flows d) best fabs around d) divy

        Dont freak out, hang on - this is a $28 stock IMO.

        Good Luck !!!!!

      • At best INTC is a hold, and even that is a leap of faith. INTC is all about PCs, because that's the only market generating enough volume in discrete CPUs to keep the fabs busy, and fewer and fewer people see the need to upgrade their PCs every few years. People - and companies - are spending their money on phones and tablets, and INTC has the wrong business model for that. Phones and tablets are about differentiation, not similarity like the PC market. Servers and supercomputers are nice, but the volume is way too low to support INTC. Until INTC senior management buys themselves a clue about the right strategy these guys are more likely a short than a long. INTC is currently lost in the woods, blind and deaf.

        Sentiment: Sell

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