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  • amdroaddkill2010 amdroaddkill2010 Nov 13, 2012 12:06 PM Flag

    GOP meltdown-civil war coming

    Northern GOP vs southern GOP
    Rich GOP against Middle class GOP
    Religious GOP against non religious GOP
    Idiots who signed the no tax pledge against Wallstreet who wants a deal.
    Ladies in the GOP about to jump and leave the sinking GOP ship.
    We are talking a complete and utter meltdown of a party which will leave it either split into three or more pieces or completely dead.
    The idiots on the right wanted their country back?
    Not gonna happen.

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    • They voted for we will sit back and watch the Idiot-in-Chief do what he does best: attack wealth and prosperity -

    • LEFT, RIGHT, middle... we're all roadkill once they're done with us...

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      • I get your point but we can party when we are still alive. Be flexable.
        Short the markets when it is profitable to do so. Go long the markets when the idiots bubble it back higher.
        Obummer and the Libs are benffiting from a rightwing swing in the Republican party that has spun far far to far rightl. Imagine when Reagon was the rightwing hero. We had a top end tax rate of 70%. Now Rombo super clown wanted to lower the Cap gains rate to 0. Now given that rich people make almost all their money with Cap gains, he was going to get rid of taxes for himself and his frineds who sip tea on yahts and have dancing horses.
        It will go like this and you can hold me to these predictions.
        Obummer will allow the tax rates to kick back to the Clinton era level by simply refusing the Republican offers for a deal. Then, after the taxes go up on everyone on the 1st of Jan, OB will put out the tax cuts for 250,000 dollars again and force the GOP to either take it or leave it. OB will #$%$ss into Cantor's little nazi face. Mitch maconnal has already offered a 1 dollar in new revenue for 1 dollar cut in spending. Funny how he said no to a much better deal last year.
        But OB has the power and the GOP is going to have to kiss his Illinois Rumppp and give him EVERYTHING.
        THE GOP bet everything on the election--all or nothing--they lost and now get nothing.
        How are those GOP polls showing how Romney was going to win a landslide? HAAAAA HAAAA
        GOP are ROADKILL--idiooots.

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