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  • getanid16 getanid16 Nov 14, 2012 12:07 PM Flag

    Haswell will in phone in 2014!


    You guys are now reaching out to 2014 to compete with ARM....
    DESPERATE !!!!!

    this from a guy that pounds this board with ARM server info.......not due out until 2015. Is this guy a greaseball or what ??!!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • I am more amazed by an INTC investor bashing his own stock investment in favor of a stock he is not invested in, ARMH ! ;-) That must take some bizarre mental gymnastics to achieve I am sure lol.

      • 3 Replies to marsavian
      • Take a step back...
        thought it was ltisteve, but all those aliases were mystk, duhboys, getanidxx, chump, etc...
        all just, and mostly still, from one poster... blatantly naive...
        honestly, tried to put him on IGNORE, but he just kept inventing new aliases to get thru to me...
        so he got me on a roll that I never realized how much fun it could be...

        but I never mock you, or anyone that comes from an informed view... even if they disagree...

        "That must take some bizarre mental gymnastics to achieve "

        Easier than you fact, I don't even have to try...
        just state the obvious... many like to ignore that on this board...:)

      • "I am not sure the obvious is often the truth though, rather just popular myths. "

        Hmm... well guess the rest of world believes your myths...

        "Don't you realize that the performance differentiation between x86 and ARM is what allows Nvidia, a company you actually love, to exist as a profitable business ? "

        I don't ignore the obvious...
        fyi, every new generation of INtel contains serious attempts to commoditize the GPU...

        " really you are letting your hate get in the way of truly appreciating not one but ultimately two of your investments."

        really... you are letting my fun translate to hate in your view... just a popular myth..:)

      • "..That must take some bizarre mental gymnastics to achieve I am sure lol. "

        right! Now getanid61 who bought NVDA and pumped it all the way from 23$ is blaming aliases. what a pathetic human being getanid61 is.

        Well now getanid16 is pumping NVDA on Intel MB as well.. remember when NVDA came with earnings recently how he pumped it..? lol

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