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  • hia_intell hia_intell Nov 17, 2012 10:21 PM Flag

    Is Clover trail still supposed to come out 90 days after Surface RT?

    I think Win 8 is a great idea for tablets but not a good idea for laptops or desktops. Touch on a laptop would be tipping it over and touch on a desktop would be a longer reach than the mouse.

    But the tablets that dock to a laptop keyboard are not a very rigid dock (according to reviewers). And a tablet docking to a desktop would be the main computer but who wants to walk out the door with the main computer ? A tablet is best simply as an accessory carry or tavel computer. Someone who needs a keyboard should just buy a laptop.

    My favorite laptop is the Samsung 13.3" Series 9 at 2.6 pounds weight. Amazon has it with Win 7 at $1200 or with Win 8 at $1300.

    But I like a tablet with both WiFi and ethernet because I might be able to plug in at a hotel and who knows about WiFi security ?

    One reviewer said that the ATIV 500T was not great performace (except when running RT apps) but that Photoshop worked okay.

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    • I forgot to mention the tablets that swing the screen around and snap it into place over the keyboard to go into tablet mode.

      The problem is that they weigh about 3.5 pounds but if Samsung could do a version of the Series 9 like that and come in at 2.5 pounds then that would be interesting.

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