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  • tiglet2l tiglet2l Nov 19, 2012 11:00 PM Flag

    It was over for Right-wing trash ballllllll loser Paul O when he publicly endorsed Rombo Romney THE LOSER!

    Why do you say that? where did you get that information? I do think at 61 with 4 more years of Obama, paul said bye. Can't blame him, Ca. is F'ing the rich and so is Obama so Paul was getting F'd twice. Bet he lives Ca.

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    • I can't blame him for leaving either. I had no idea Intel was such a die-hard liberal company as I just read about Intel pulling funding from the Boy Scouts because the Scouts won't allow gay men as Scout masters.

      Intel was trading around $75/share 12 years ago and their anemic stock performance is a whole lot easier to understand now that I know the company is so liberally biased. Now that their conservative CEO is leaving, it GUARANTEES the company will be run as bad as humanely possible so I sure wouldn't touch this stock with a 10 foot pole even though it is extremely cheap right now.

      Trusting your hard earned money with liberal democrats is the surest way to go broke.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • That makes them die hard liberal in your mind?

        Keep in mind that $65 pps in 2000 was in the midst of the nasdaq bubble, their p/e was dumb high, not as dumb high as armh is now but still it was irrational.

        Intel's biggest failure was to ignore mobile. It would be like AT&T saying no to 1st the cordless phone around the home and then 2nd to ignoring the cell phone. Intel lacked vision and now they are going to have to play catch-up to the likes of QCOM. Good luck. Now the CEO who knows what is in Inetl's pipeline is bailing and he is 61 years old? I don't see how it can be good. I would rather hear that the BOD suggested he leave.

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