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  • nonelogic nonelogic Nov 19, 2012 12:17 PM Flag

    intel will open up their foundaries

    once they get a new ceo. Paul is good, but his mind is stuck on the x86.
    There is no shame in partnering with arm.

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    • No shame but what if Intel helps its ARM competitors to close the gap on x86 and kill its legacy profits by being real competitors rather than just paper ones ? Hey at least it would have pleased the fashion police but Intel might start needing ARMH's p/e then just to retain its current stock price ! Otellini had to go sometime and he has set a solid architectural and process foundation for the future that will see out today's fashion but I do hope the replacement is not a Rory Reed Mk 2 doing fashionable things but destroying the real company in the process !

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      • It's not rocket science. If ARM is superior to x86, you continue to make it. If its inferior, it will die off naturally. INTC has superior manufacturing and can out produce any other fab and command a premium price for doing it. If QCOM,Samsung or AAPL go with ARM 22nm then 14nm, they will leave the others in the dust. The game of chicken is entering its final moments. When INTC announces they are making ARM processors, the stamped to buy then all will take place as the winner will clain market dominance.

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