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  • xz1 xz1 Nov 20, 2012 7:26 PM Flag

    will INTC write down MacFee like HP?

    that was 7.8B cash, even worse than HPQ. you think these people dress like a pro and talk like pro, drink magretta in board room, this is what they did for their super high pay. i still cannot link this virus biz with intel's processor biz after 2 years, nor do i ever believe these corporate crooks ever have or deserve the word vision. looks for further down on INTC. this is a crisis they may not be able to survive like before when they simply outspent their competitors by building better factories since now the technology has hit the physical limit. the expense is no long justifiable for the risk, nor do the market care.

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    • I think so

    • The HPQ write down of goodwill was $8.8B out of their total of $36.8B goodwill on their books. Intel has a total of $9.6B goodwill which is spread over many company purchases and allocated to 4 of the Intel business groups. Check out the definition of goodwill to find out what it really is.

      Will Intel follow HPQ in the writedowns? No.
      The HPQ writedown is just Meg Whitman's clearing the books to lower the bar for HP going forward.

      IDC and Gartner both project a 10% PC growth over the next 5 years. Intel will take a big chunk of that growth.

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      • Macfee is the worst deal they ever made, not because it is pricey but it is totally irrelevant to their core biz. they wasted precious 7+B, it could have been used to revamp the mobile biz. INTC cant even get any non-CPU semi biz to work let alone a remote SW, The virus biz is not even a real SW biz, you can get most of those functionality free online these days. the last time I checked INTC balance sheet, I was shocked, 10.5B cash and 7.25B debt. it is no better than MRVL. I doubt PC will grow 10% for next 5 years, the consumer is shifting to tablet which does not run intel processor.

    • "i still cannot link this virus biz with intel's processor biz after 2 years..."

      [So, you can't figure out how computers relate to computer security and you think this makes everyone else stupid? Who dresses and feeds you?]

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