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  • theblueredmonk theblueredmonk Nov 25, 2012 2:34 AM Flag

    Broadwell in 2013 now that 14nm roadmap bumped forward?

    You seem to not know what you are talking about. Clovertrail is dual core with two threads per core. A15 is quad.core.
    Silvermont will be quad core no hyperthreading and it will be out of order execution.
    Just the quad core aspect will boost the integer by 60% and double foating poin.
    The out of order will also substantially boost performance along with other archetectuaral changes.
    The 22nm will allow for higher clock speeds if desired.
    It will kill A15 on performance and power.
    Intel will have 14 nm in 2014 and ARM will have no substantial improvemnet.

    No. The A15 on geekbench is dual core. The 60% numbers are from Intel and they are comparing against Clovertrail V Silvermont. That 60% is everything, IPC, memory, clock, 2 real extra threads.

    Geekbench is a multithreaded benchmark, so when the A15 goes quad, it'll improve it's performance numbers. Today, the A15 has double the floating point and the same integer performance of Clovertrail even with less running threads (2 hyperthreads of Clovertrail).

    Silvermont is due in 2014, not sure when Airmont @14nm will arrive.

    ARM isn't standing still:) Before Silvermont arrives, they'll be going quad A15, then the A7/A15 hybrids and you'll likely see the next gen arch. in 2014, perhaps even a node shrink.

    It is over when Intel adds LTE. Except for a few possible big cell phone manufacturers, everyone will convert product line to Intel reference designs..

    Nope, it wont be:)

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