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  • intelonly_please intelonly_please Dec 3, 2012 8:58 AM Flag

    And if Apple or Intel announce they won't be working together?

    15? 10? Kind of scary to think what the talking heads will do to manipulate Intel even lower.

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    • If Apple was dumb and arrogant enough to do this then it will be their own folly.

      "Apple has a history of getting way too cocky for their own good--giving the entire industry the finger and making everything proprietary once they taste success. Without the switch to x86, we wouldn't even be having this conversation about Apple; it was the best decision the company ever made. If they switch all their products to a secret, blackbox custom ARM-derivative architecture, it's back to the PPC days of limited software, slower speeds and zero multiboot options. ARM may be good for power consumption on small devices, but x86 is mandatory for a real computery computer."

      "And to be honest, what the hell is wrong with some of you people? Why would you want Intel out of the Mac? Intel makes the best consumer CPU's in the world, hands down. There is ZERO competition, isn't Apple all about providing the best user experience? Intel CPU's give the Mac desktop and Laptops tons of performance, great battery life, and compatibility with multiplate OS's, if Apple replaced intel CPU's with some ****** in house ARM chip. I could see Mac sales crashing, very quickly. "

    • Do you sit on your fat can & post fear mongering posts all day? Nice.

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