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  • amdroadkilldec2009 amdroadkilldec2009 Dec 15, 2012 8:15 PM Flag

    Now can we all see how futile Home Land Security is?

    I traveled a lot internationally in the last decade. I used to just laugh to myself at the stupidity of our efforts to stop terrorists by concentrating on aircraft. Any idiots with assault rifles could kill 500 to 1000 people in 5 to 10 minutes at any crowded place in our nation. there is NO way of stopping it other than trying to find out their plans ahead of time.
    This young mass murder American man simply drove up to a school, kicked in the door, and walked into a class room and started shooting. The only reason he did not kill another 100 or more is what? I guess he might have had a moment of sanity and realized what he had done and then he shot himself. But he could have killed a lot more. Now imagine a group of men entering any school.

    You see?
    AND--if the bad guys in other nations did not think about this already, they surely will now.

    I would like to think, that even terrorists in other nations would find it very low to target children but who knows.
    Where was Home Land Security here?
    AND--the media tells the nuts all over our own nation how do do the same now.
    Looks like Mom pulled him out of school in or just after his Freshmen year. There were problems for sure.
    Mom is to blame for this wreck. Imagine keeping a nut in your house and he kills you and then children.
    The young man needed serious help and she just isolated him and let him go down down down.
    The family failed, the health community failed and the community failed to take care of him and they all paid for the failure. Unfortunately little nice kids and brave teachers paid with their lives for the failure of our system--Health.

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    • I think a good deal of what you say is correct. However, American tradition, dating back some 200 years or more largely states that personal problems dealing with children and teenagers are best left to the head of the household. Family problems stay in the family, the reality is that a great many American families have borderline disturbed personalities hiding in the family tree. I think this young man went quietly insane, perhaps a number of psychological problems contributed but at the end of the day whatever moral compass he had broke. Something in him broke and the separation between fantasy and reality was permanently erased. He finally, perhaps fueled by endorphins or drugs, who knows began a rampage that will forever stigmatize him in the annals of history.

    • I have to laugh at those who know what went on without the information. You are so amazing. Have you thought about calling the local police and letting them know? They would be deeply grateful for your help in getting the facts of the case.

      Don't you wish you were there to help protect those children? I do too!!!!

    • I think you're placing an unfair burden of guilt on people,nobody is to blame really you can only prepare & do so much,nobody can predict the actions of any mentally unbalanced person let alone a so called sane one, as long as we live in a free society.

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