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  • amdroaddkill2010 amdroaddkill2010 Dec 17, 2012 9:50 AM Flag

    Everything the media said the first few hours was completely wrong. BUT--things with guns will change now.

    The media had the wrong name for the killer.
    The media had the wrong location for the killing of his mom. --she was killed while sleeping in bed.
    The media said mom was a teacher at the school--she was not.
    The media said they let him in. NO--he broke in.
    The media said the principal and the nurse were killed trying to rush to help the children. NO--he killed them just as he entered.
    The media said there was a reason he left for his slaughter. NO--nothing has been found.

    My kids go to public school and this morning, it was like a fortress with a dozen adults all over the place guarding. I am sure it was like that all over the nation.

    I have no problem someone owning a shotgun or hunting rifle with permits.
    I have NO problem at all with that. BUT--what the heck are we doing allowing someone to buy military rifles that can shoot over and be made to shoot as machine guns?
    This poor lady was killed by her son who obviously hid was he was really thinking.
    He left NO notes or reason as to why.
    He even tried to destroy his computer hard drives to erase his searches.
    Likely--if we do find out anything, it will be from recovering information from the damaged hard drives.

    Unless you have kids in school now, you cannot imagine the impact of this on our nation.
    12000 murders a year by gun and 18000 suicides a year with guns we have.\
    Worse--the FEAR.
    People do not trust each other and we will all end up losing more freedoms from this.

    Oh well--freedom does not mean so much when our children are dead and afraid.
    Politically---this thing could be breaking point.

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