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  • billy_ray_valentine billy_ray_valentine Dec 21, 2012 6:06 AM Flag

    Alexander Wilder's RSI dropped

    Today should move the RSI way down on nearly all stocks.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • I am in violent agreement with you. 8-)

      I tried to reply several times yesterday but it seemed like Yahoo/someone was doing something that disrupted my access.

      what i tried to post ....
      The Nov 29th numbers rolled off the RSI 14-day window. That was when INTC was moving up from the $19.30 to $20.00 area. When you averaged in yesterdays narrow range, the RSI drop was not a surprise.

      I was getting my RSI number from stockcharts and it reads 60 this AM. I just looked at my Schwab display and on the minute chart it says 41, on the 1yr daily chart is says 58. The Yahoo RSI from the technical analysis chart is in the 80s like yours.

      80 seems high for a $1 move in a $20 stock. That is a 5% move on a low beta stock.

      The only point I was trying to make and no surprise to you is that: when the INTC representative charged with buying $6b of stock starts buying, he is a professional and is aware of these technical signals. If I were doing the buying, I would try to trip these technical triggers to get the chart watchers to sell/short shares that I could buy. A professional with a $6b charge card will distort the technical indicators.

      A simple point but if chart followers contiune to be successful following their strategies, then that is great. WIth $6b or money flow into INTC, the tilt on the indicators will be to appear overbought.

      thanks for the RSI's. Now I just have to figure out which RSI is correct and why all the differences.

    • the overbght signal was the Williams's oscillator

27.82-0.72(-2.52%)4:00 PMEDT