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  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Dec 21, 2012 9:51 AM Flag

    GOP Plan B (Bozo) Let us go past the jan 1 and then completely surrender.

    Taxes go UP massively on Jan 1. Then this happens.
    Obummer puts the 250,000 dollar tax cut back in front of the GOP nimrod teabagging losers and dares the idiots to vote NO on a massive tax cut for the 98%.
    Yes--the idiots refuse for a few days and want to deny the Pres a debt ceiling for the next 4 years or even for more than 6 months. The President has th debt ceiling deal tied to the tax cuts and people seeing their taxes up start to do HATE on the GOP.
    After a week or two of death not so friendly calls and letters--they surrender and Obummer gets everything in a complete surrender.
    Teabagging nuts cry that they want their country back.
    Fuxed up news hannity wants to impeach and breaks down on TV making the Libs laugh.
    Two weeks later---a new gun law passes and the teabaggers do a circle jerk of crying like little NUTJOBS!

    NO--we Libs do not like you. You are costing money and I hope you get a disease in your #$%$ and it falls off GOP teabagging nuts.
    BUT--like a dumb dog, I suppose you do not know any better.
    And I suppose I should be happy that you are destroying the republican party.

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    • Name calling, insults and sarcasm are never helpful other than making yourself feel better. At best.
      Underestimating someone who reached the level that John Boehner has reached is risky.
      Your assumption that you understand the strategy being employed is rather presumptuous. There are few who know what the strategy.

      The current GOP/Republican Party is a coalition of a conservative Tea Party and more moderate traditional Republicans. They are trying to preserve a unified front.

      The money that normally flows all political parties is being diverted into the 501c PAC organizations who are assuming the real power of both parties. Donations to the 501c are tax deductable and the donations reduce the taxes of the donor. Very attractive. Donate to the PAC that reflects your view and get a tax deduction too.

      The Tea Party and its members are a symptom and a result long work by the social conservatives to embed their social ajenda into the platform.

      I would, however, prefer to discuss INTC on the INTC forum.

      A. D.

    • This country was built on bloody past:
      Killing Indians and take their land;
      Civil war over slaving Africans to build this country;
      Wars in Vietnam and Korea and Iraq and Afghanistan etc etc

      Millions of people got killed to advance the cause of the CALVARY which today is based in Colorado still.

      I have a feeling the GOP Red State people will inflict another Civil War to deal with all the issues they Can't Win through democratic process, such as:
      ** An African American president leading this country (Though no one wants to talk about his 50% Caucasian mother of Germa descent ?!)
      ** Gay Rights-NOT !!
      ** Anti-Abortion stance.
      ** Cut welfare + Medicare + Social Security to protect the Rich from taxes.
      ** Endless foreign invasions with trumped up excuses, such as WMD in Iraq (Iraq was guilty of having too much oil)

      One thing really strike me when talk to die-hard Republicans is that they REALLY HATE OBAMA no matter what he stands for- IT SEEMS PERSONAL !!!

      Sentiment: Buy

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