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  • bacbacker3 bacbacker3 Dec 25, 2012 6:47 PM Flag

    arm vs INTEL

    What you have brought up is actually something I'm sure Intel has considered carefully. Intel has to be concern about turning into a monopoly since AMD is now exiting the x86 market. I believe Intel will be content to develop their technologies in such a way that the Atom SoC, their future low-end SoC, will remain competitive with arm's best while positioning their future Core SoC for the high-end. So in the future (14nm and down) you will see EOMs come out with smart phones and tablets with Atom SoC inside, which represent the low end products for Intel but these will be competitive with the very best of arm's. On the high end, since at 14nm and down Core (Broadwell) SoC will fit into a phone, you will see EOMs creating much more sophisticated smartphones that will run full-fledged Windows/MacOS/Chrome OS. At 14nm (just a little over a year from now), arm's best cannot compete with Intel's core and Intel will basically own the high-end market. This is why when in my view, Intel will be in the strongest postion it has ever been in it's history. Buy and hold here. Do not believe the mass media #$%$ and hype. Intel doesn't fear arm, it fears that arm won't be competitive enough, and Intel would then turn into a monopoly, which it doesn't want. Arm fanboys think arm has intel by the ropes, when in fact Intel is toying with them.

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