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  • previs_beameister previs_beameister Dec 26, 2012 5:16 PM Flag

    AAPL deal is virtually assured


    It only makes sense. But my guess is it is telescoping, starting with something
    small, and then expanding later on. In any case, when INTC has half the mobil market it's only
    $3 -$4 Billion in R. Need much more for real growth. How will that happen? And how will it offset any contraction in PC's? I'd like to hear useful comments one way or the other...I simply ignore the miscreants.

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    • For TSMC...

      • 1 Reply to getanid61
      • "For TSMC..."

        [If TSMC doesn't have volume production on 20nm by the middle of 2013 it will be all over for them and ARM. And the chances of them doing that are non-existent. They will be lucky to have volume production of 28nm by then. The ARM fabrication roadmap is totally broken and by the middle of 2013 everyone is going to know it. Even you, fanboi...]

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    • more like Apple will dump Intel in the desk tops and design with Cortex in everything. They want to differentiate and be unique as possible oh and cut costs. It is good marketing too.

    • gregory.lynn Dec 26, 2012 5:41 PM Flag

      Intel has been averaging 10% y/y growth for the past 5 yrs despite the so called death of the PC. Pundits have it wrong, and the previous quarter slowdown had more to do with macro concerns and consumers holding off on buying until newer touchscreen convertible and tablet models became available. It looks like the slowdown wasn't all that bad for intel despite it all, having handily beat estimates in Q3, and they have yet to warn for Q4 which is coming to a close now, despite lowered estimates from analysts. If Intel is successful with mobile in 2013 and beyond expect the 10% growth to expand upward as they cannibalize tablets and takeover smart phones. At today's extremely low valuations Intel is likely headed toward big gains in the coming months, especially now with 6 billion in buy backs coming. Good luck to all longs.

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    • Did you spend Christmas at one of the seaside condos you bought with your dividend checks?
      You are such a wannabe. You are pitiful!

    • I share your concern..........Intel is a 50+ billion dollar company. If they get 50% of mobile it's a few billion. How is this crucial? Better yet, isn't declining PC's even more of a concern since that 50 billion will fall drastically more than can be made up by adding a few billion?

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