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  • amdmonkey7 amdmonkey7 Dec 29, 2012 12:04 PM Flag

    Johnny reb gives one last rebel yell as surrender comes near in the House

    The GOPmofos will proceed exactly as the CEO's tell them to proceed. Look these dweebles spent four years with only one goal: to prevent the reelection of Barack Obama. They spent the past two years repealing Obamacare 59 times in the House and then the Supreme Court upholds Obamacare. Repub Govs think they'll defeat Obamacare by refusing to coordinate insurance exchanges for Medicaid users, but all they are doing is setting up the Obama administration to create Medicare for All in the States. Boehner and the TEAPS could not even repeal their own lightbulb bill. It cost over $2 MILLION a day for the House of Representatives to exist, whether Boehner has our representatives there or not. We have "the fiscal cliff" because back in July 2011 when the Republicans crashed America's bond rating, John Boehner bragged, "I got 998% of what I wanted." There you are Republicans --- 98 % of what YOU wanted. But keep waving those flags and thumpin' your Bibles and strappin' on your guns and being oh so "exceptional." Whoooweeeee just look at all those "exceptional patriots". Jesus Christ Lord God Almighty.

    God always wins and HE put Obummer in you KKK inbreds.
    Look at the state governors who want to still oppose putting in Obama care. ALL GOP mostly southern and all trash. Never mind that the Fed will come in and put in the system thus making it easier in the years ahead to switch all states to a fed system. the Rebs yell and drink their moonshine calling OB NG and laughing. But you boys really have shiiety for brains because you are again, the losers. YES---I do give a special thanks to you for wrecking the Repuke party and likely splitting it into pieces. Nixon--when he took up the southern strategy--taking in southern states by suddenly going rightwing on social issues in the GOP, has helped to destroy the repub party. The Dem party was freed from the scumnuuuts and has now taken over the entire North and west coast. Even Texas has only 8 years before the exploding Hispanic votes there turn it into a dem state. A special thanks to you clowns with your hoods on for killing off the GOP.

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